A Father Sends A Matrimonial Match, The Woman Instead Tries To Hire Him For A Startup

Father sends a wedding match, but the daughter instead tries to hire him for her startup. A conversation between a father and co-founder daughter regarding the latter’s matrimonial match has gone viral on social media.

Happens only in Bengaluru 

The screenshot of the conversation was shared by the daughter under the title “what getting disowned by father looks like.”


Udita Paul, co-founder of a Bengaluru-based ‘Salt’ was sent a matrimonial match by her father. Udita, instead of reacting traditionally, wanted to hire the potential groom, who had seven years of experience in the sector, for her company.

She had asked the man to send his profile and was also given further details. Udita had shared the conversation with her father after her ‘experimentation with the possible groom’.

The conversation between the father and daughter:

Udita’s father: “Can we talk?… urgent…. you know what u did …u cannot hire people from the matrimonial site … what to tell his father now … I saw your message u gave him interview link n asked for resume … reply u crazy girl … ”


Udita’s reply: “… 7 years of fintech experience is great … we are hiring. I am sorry.”

Nevertheless, the hiring process didn’t go well either, as his salary expectations of Rs 62 lakh along with Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) were more than what the company could afford him. In addition, her father deleted her matrimonial profile as well.

Jeevansathi, the matrimonial site on which her father had made her account also weighed in, and said, “Let us know if you still have an opening & we will apply for the perfect life partner.” When she asked to snoop around for free for a month on the site, JeevanSathi said that while chat is free on the matrimonial site, it redirected to Naukri instead.