Welcome The New Wedding Trend With Ornamental Grasses & Dried Blooms

Weddings traditionally involved a lot of flora and fresh greens in their decors but those times are now changing. Couples (especially brides) are now turning the pages and looking for a vintage vibe clubbed with old-classic nude decor themes. To curb their desires of fulfilling the same, dried flowers and wild grasses seem to be a perfect option! In essence, it’s dried florals that lead the way. Here’s a take on the new wedding trend that explores and pushes the gamut of inner decor tot a whole new level.

Flowers, in general, have always been crowd-pleasers and fit into any occasion. Usually, they were used freshly bloomed in all their young beauty, but since mankind learned the technique of preservation, flowers and wild grasses turned out to be in their experiments a lot. We loved this idea of extending their life that carried sentimental value to us. As time passed by, we became more and more creative by incorporating them into various things especially decor. Who would have thought that they would become the biggest wedding season trend of 2019! Dried greens and flowers are insanely versatile, cheap and look amazingly gorgeous in decorations. They can adapt bohemian, minimalistic, classic and
even glamorous aesthetics, leaving us with numerous choices to pick from. Such dried beauties can reinforce a soothing charm to the traditionally jazzy and over-the-top weddings.


Not only the couples but florists and arrangers have embraced the dried beauty by getting super creative with them. It is sometimes astonishing to witness elegant and massive installations created with them. It is also the best way to go eco-friendly at one’s wedding. Themes are now developed around the season’s available dried flora. Their monochromatic color scheme, the variety of textures they provide, the sweet residual fragrance that lingers, all these are just the starters that make them so much appealing. The present wedding times are slightly weighing more on sustainable decor. The subtle hues
muted undertones permit the bride and groom to shine through. For maximum advantage, always order dried flowers in bulk to have a variety of options at your disposal.

With that being said, a new fad began on every social media after a particular grass was used at a Hollywood wedding. It is known as the Pampas grass reign, a tall feathery grass that sets the right tone for any celebration is widely used now. It got its initial success on Instagram; this grass became the quintessential element for the production crew for wedding decor. Florists agree that pampas grass bestows a romantic mood to set the wedding’s tone. They are extremely stylish as they mimic ostrich feathers. This grass range is also used in forming backdrops, photo booths in various ceremonies. Wedding decor specialists form fancy aisles and pathways using pampas grass. The delicate version of
grasses and ferns are semi-dried and often used for ornamental purposes such as in tiara crowns or

The only issue with wild grasses is that they are not easily available. One cannot find them in the local market. These are the countryside wilds and one needs to make a trip to get them. Whereas, some ferns and wild grasses are available regionally or seasonally. Different types of phragmites, a darker, fluffy grass are often sighted in marshy areas alongside highways.


Now let’s get to the floral part!

Some folks may find dried flowers boring or mundane, but modern times have found various techniques of preserving them beyond their natural delight. Today’s version of dried flowers is really pretty and charming. With the aging process, flowers barter their natural bright color into some beautiful unique hues of nudes and pinks. These shades are nearly impossible to find in fresh flowers and that’s what makes them so uniquely beautiful. They work well individually as they are or even when clubbed with fresh blossoms. Some floral enthusiasts also dye their flowers while in the process to avail that hue which is quite difficult to find in a natural setting. Cobalt and navy blue are the popular shades used in
the dying process.

Dried flowers offer interesting textures, giving us a playful element to work with. They also complement fresh greenery and some fresh florals such as baby’s breath, hydrangea, lavender, roses, and water lily.

The nude reddish and orange hues portray an earthy palette, perfect for the wedding. Additionally, dried editions are perfect for installations and boutonnieres that don’t allow flowers to stay in the water. You can even make the bouquets and flower arrangements beforehand, saving you an ample amount of time on the D-day. Dried flowers stay intact and keep their charm for 3-5 months which is another great advantage of them over fresh flowers. So, you can liberally check out fresh flowers off your wedding list, because anything that can avoid hustle for your wedding helps a lot in planning other crucial things.
These dried treasures are sure to give you and your guests a modern ambiance. They can be incorporated in various classic ways such as table runners, centerpieces, installations, hangings, bouquets, chair accessory, aisle decoration, photo booths, backdrops, and endless other options.


Everyone adores the goody cluster of segmented wildflowers nestled in mason jars and the overflooding foliage on display. Dried roses are another popularly adored element at weddings. Roses work well with almost everything and are symbols of an eternal love affair. So with dried flowers on your checklist, do not be worried about versatility. There is so much you can try your hands-on with them. It grants an edgier, ethnic look that can be combined with any possible theme. Such decor is sure to make heads turn and make your wedding a talk of the town. So get set to make everything glowing and magical.

Ask your florist to incorporate dried flowers at your wedding that carry an emotional memory with you. This way, the decor seems more personal to you and your sentimental soul. Do your proper research and see what’s available for the season. Then, diligently plan your bohemian-inspired, rustic affair and steal everyone’s gaze.