This Tiny Shop in Malleshwaram Serves Bengaluru’s Best Egg Rice And How Can You Afford To Miss It

egg rice malleshwaram

On a usual note, we talk about Pulao, Biriyani, Chitranna, and most of the food points in the city have mastered the art of making them. Also, these have become regulars and somewhere we all are craving for something offbeat yet desi. Do you remember Egg rice? Back in those days, when we were pursuing our studies, this dish had become a part of our life. Party? Egg rice; Boring AF? Egg rice; Sad and Depressed? Egg rice. In a city like Bengaluru, we were damn searching for a place serving Egg rice. Guess what? We have found the best one in Malleshwaram. Come, let’s know about it in detail on today’s read.

egg rice malleshwaram

Malleswaram Gowdra Egg Rice Adda

The Shop is named as ‘Snehajeevi Gowdara Egg Rice Adda’, and it is popularly called as Malleswaram Gowdra Rice Adda. Yes, as said, it is known for its super-awesome Egg rice. Taste-wise, there is no second thought about it. This is the place where you can have Bengaluru’s best egg rice, that’s for sure. A half plate is also available for 35 Rs. As an evening snack or for a light dinner, Gowdra Egg Rice Adda is just a bang-on place.

egg rice malleshwaram

What Else?

Locals also called this place as Egg Rice point. Whenever you go, it will be crowded and mostly filled with students from nearby MES college. Earlier, it was on the roadside but now, they have made it as a shop. Besides Egg rice, you will get Egg Masala which is simply out of the world. We are just addicted to Gowdru’s Egg Masala. If you are vegetarian then you got to try Paneer Manchurian. Also, there are chaat and Chinese available, as a contrast to Egg items.

egg rice malleshwaram

Road Side flavor and Pocket-friendly

The feeling of having street food cannot be expressed or explained to a person who loves to eat inside the four corners of a room. It has its own Mazaaaaa, right? Gowdra Adda is one such place that is full of foodie-goodie vibes. That rush! The aroma of hot and spicy egg rice being served on plates, people around and the soothing hunch of Malleshwara. Moreover, it is pocket-friendly and affordable. So, what are you waiting for? Take your gang of friends and head to Malleswaram.

egg rice malleshwaram

Open: 9 AM – 9:30 PM

Where: 151, 8th Main Rd, Malleshwaram West, Bengaluru.

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