What Is The Deep Web?


The Internet is not called the world wide web just like that. When you search anything, you come upon thousands of search pages and results, which might lead you to believe that you have chartered the whole territory of the internet. Thus, it might come as a shock that an average user only discovers 4% of the internet. 96% of the internet goes unexplored and we don’t know why. This underutilised percentage of the internet is called the hidden web; however, it is commonly known as the deep web or even the dark web.

A Brief of the Deep Web

You might wish to ask yourself, what is the Deep Web? In layman terms, content that is hidden from common search engines is known as the Deep Web. the very fact that common search engines are not able to search for this content, is the reason that many people remain unknown to its existence. The term deep web was coined in 2002 by a computer scientist, named Mike Bergman. It is easy to find this hidden content that does not show up on the visible web, it is advised to not use any normal browser for searching such content. An alternative recommended browser for searching things on the deep web is Tor. If you still have doubts about the deep web, click here to read in-depth.

Is it Legal to Browse the Deep Web?

The deep web is an illegal place since products like drugs and weapons can also be found there if you wish to buy them. Moreover, crime-related services can also be found here such as contract killers and thieves. However, it is not limited to illegal activities only. Used responsibly can ensure access to data that is hard to find, for example, academic resources. In addition to this, browsers such as Tor come with pre-configured settings to ensure that people browse safely on the Deep Web. No jury is out to decide whether the deep web is illegal or not; it is more of an individual choice. To achieve a clearer understanding of what the deep web really is, you can browse some content on the deep web to gain an idea of why the deep web is invisible to regular search engines.

Examples of Deep Web Content

To know what the deep web really is, here are a few examples of the deep web below:

  • Data that needs to be accessed by search engines
  • Any database query results
  • Information that is accessible only by subscription or is password protected
  • Pages that are not connected to other pages by hyperlinks
  • Technically limited pages
  • Pages requiring specific permissions, including the CAPTCHA technique

Why is Deep Web Invisible to Regular Search Engines?

This question is pertinent to understanding what the deep web is. The primary reason why the normal search engines are not able to explore the vast shores of the deep web is that they are not that powerful. Our everyday search engines are capable of categorizing pages according to the information provided by the users and its relevancy. This method only allows searching for pages that are hyperlinked to each other. Pages that are not connected in this manner, or rather existing in different locations, are usually difficult for normal web browsers to find. These are some of the primary reasons why normal browsers cannot delve into the deep web.

How to Access the Deep Web?

Accessing the deep web is not that difficult. By following a few tips and tricks, anyone can access the information on deep web while keeping themselves safe from vulnerable threats and antisocial elements. These threats can be malware, viruses, fraud links, or other potentially harmful stuff. By following the below-mentioned tips you can explore the deep web safely and also understand what it comprises of.

1. Tor is a Great Starting Point

The Tor browser is the best and safest way for beginners to start exploring the deep web and access the information there. This browser takes care to protect your identity while you surf the deep web due to its preconfigured settings. The Tor Browser can be downloaded from its site for zero cost. Additionally, it protects you from malware present on the internet too. The browser connects you to the Tor network which enables protection from being tracked. In contrast to normal web browsers, it is also possible to listen to anonymous voices by making use of this browser.

2. Browse Responsibly Through Directories

The Tor browser will not provide any link for you to browse through as you look for information on the dark web. These links have to be searched for by the person browsing themselves. The tool you require, therefore, is known as Deep Wiki. It is one of the premier tools to browse the deep web. It is a vast directory with a massive number of URLs; those URLs that end with .onion can be accessed by the Tor browser.

3. Be Cautious of Criminal Activity

A lot of illegal content can also be found on the deep web and a significant portion of it is made up of criminal activities. There are websites dealing in selling weapons and drugs, human trafficking, child pornography, and similar heinous stuff. Everyone has to be careful of people engaged in these sites as they might try to trap you as well.

4. Steer Clear of Suspicious Links

If you feel anything is suspicious, do not click on it. Doubtful links should be avoided at all costs on the deep web as they might try to store your information. Malware is another possible consequence of accessing such links.

5. Use Deep Web Search Engines

Specifically tailored search engines for the deep web can yield invisible data for any search query you have and this capability gives them an edge over normal search engines.

6. Refrain from using Credit Cards on the Deep Web

Sites on the Deep Web might store your credit card information and sell it further for misuse. Since it is better to be safe than sorry, use Bitcoin to make any sort of payment on any site on the Deep Web.

This is a brief guide that explains what the deep web is and how to safely access it. Hopefully, it will safeguard you from any potential danger as you explore the deep web.



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