After Fanta Maggi, Momo Ice-Cream, viral ‘Matka Dosa’ disturbs Internet

After Fanta Maggi and Momo Ice-Cream, psycho-food fanatics are back with ‘Matka Dosa’. The viral video showing this not-so-unique dish has left foodies angry.

Viral ‘Matka Dosa’

In a video that has received over 50.1K views, one can see the complete making of the trending ‘Matka Dosa’ that has got everyone’s attention. The video opens with a man holding the dish and posing for a picture.


The video also shows how the food vendor cooks the entire dish. The cook foremost lands a big butter on a tawa and spreads it around the ‘Tawa’. Later, he puts chopped broccoli, onions, and pepper into the melted butter. Thereafter, he adds chopped cheese and everything is tossed until the paneer becomes golden brown.

In another Tawa, the vendor splashes some water and lays a thick dosa banter until it becomes thin. And then, he adds some salted butter to the dosa, followed by tomato ketchup, chili sauce, spices, salt, and a thick, in-house, spicy yogurt-based spread.


After everything is done, the dosa is taken off the tawa and folded on top of the Matka, as a funnel. This bizarre dish has received mixed reactions from netizens.


Netizens React

“Where do I lodge an FIR?” commented one user. “Whhhhhyyy? Why do they do this with Dosa? It is such a simple dish that has been hijacked by these innovators and destroyed,” wrote another. The third one wrote, “Being a south Indian, I condemn this. We don’t want our dosa to be butchered, changed, and made like biryani. This is noise and nonsense,” commented another user.