Finally! Funds are allotted to install Timers at Traffic Signals, much needed in Bengaluru

It seems that traffic in Bengaluru is never going to cut back and in fact, its density is increasing with each passing day. When signals turn red with wait time increasing beyond the limit, commuters go mad resulting in honking and attempts of crossing the signals. So, every driver needs a ‘calming device’ which will keep a check on their anxiety during long traffic jams. Adding on, calming devices also keep a check on pollution and helps save fuel.

Calming Devices / Traffic Timers

Traffic timers or calming devices that accompany the traffic lights are much needed in the city. Managing traffic during peak hours without traffic timers is a task in its own way because people tend to get agitated standing without any clue in a long jam. As a solution to this, the concept of ‘calming devices’ punched in, however, most of the signals in the city lacks it. Either they do not have traffic timers or they are not in function.


GuruPrasad KN, a businessman near Ramamurthy Nagar, says,

“The Ramamurthy Nagar signal neither has a traffic light nor a timer. Volunteers or cops manually manage the signal. If there is a timer then we can switch off the engine and start again when the signal is about to turn green.”

Srinivas, Bengaluru Citizen, says,

“Traffic timers are more reliable in a way that it helps in fuel saving and keeps a check on our anxiety. Proper installation of traffic timers makes one a patient and responsible driver. “


Rs. 86 Crore have been sanctioned to revive traffic signals in Bengaluru

R Hitendra, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic Security) said that the police are going for adaptive traffic signals and they would soon get ready. The tender is out and Rs.86 crore has been sanctioned by the Government to revive traffic signals in the city. With all the paperwork done, we can expect a major change in the revival of traffic signals in a couple of months, he added.


It is a good move. Having timers will definitely help in having a check on commuter’s anxiety and also reduce the manual intervention from volunteers and cops.

So, what do you think about these traffic timers? Please share your views in the comments below.

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