This actress is giving a tough competition to Sudeep on Twitter and the name is a real shocker

sudeep on twitter

Kiccha Sudeep, the Abhinaya Chakravarthy of Kannada film industry is easily a known name in the Indian Cinema. The acting proficiency of Sudeep and the way he engages with his audience is what makes him a super star of today. Along with Kannada films, the actor has a huge row of an audience in Telugu, Tamil industries and even Bollywood is not an exception to it.

sudeep on twitter

This charm of him can be witnessed on Twitter with only a humungous increase in the follower base. The count has drastically increased from 8 lakh on July 16th to 991k followers on August 18. So, Sudeep on Twitter has the highest number of followers and all the other super stars of the industry are way behind in the race.

Who’s She? Where is Sudeep on Twitter?

Now, you will be thinking about the actress who has more followers than Sudeep on Twitter. Yes, she has more number of followers on twitter and the numbers are no where closer to compare. She has 1.1 M followers and her name is Priyamani.

Priyamani is a National Award Winning actress and the most versatile artist from South India. She is known for her movies like Parutheeveeran, Yamadonga, Thirakkatha, Raam, Chaarulatha, and Vishnuvardhana.

priyamani on twitter

Priyamani with Kiccha Sudeep

Priyamani has shared a screen with the ace actor Sudeep in the movie Vishnuvardhana. She comes in the second half and gives a quirky twist to the screenplay of the movie. The movie also starred Dwarkish, Bhavana, and Sonu Sood which added to the blockbuster success of it.

sudeep on twitter

What Sudeep and Priyamani have in common?

Sudeep and Priyamani are known as the best actors of the industry. More than that they are multilingual actors and have a huge fun base across India. For now, Priyamani is leading on twitter and is giving a tough competition to Sudeep on this digital platform. Beyond all these fluctuating numbers, both are a very down to earth actors and we all love them. Let this pair come together and act in more movies.

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