Yash Is An Achiever – Sudeep in Praise Of Rocking Star

In the latest interview, Kichcha Sudeep was asked about his counterpart and recently turned national fame Rocking star Yash. Here’s how Vikrant Rona actor described the KGF star in an amazing way.

Sudeep on KGF star Yash

Kichcha Sudeep is a much more senior actor when compared to Rocking star Yash who became a national sensation after the success of the KGF franchise. Both the actors are popular stars in Sandalwood and enjoy a solid fan base across the country. Also, Yash and Sudeep fans are often involved in fights on social media whenever a new movie with either of the actors hit theatres. But very less know that both actors have mutual respect for each other no matter what others say.


In a recent interview, Kichcha Sudeep was asked about his counterpart Rocking Star Yash. Sudeep was asked to define the KGF actor on any platform and how he would introduce him to the people.

In reply, Vikrant Rona actor said, “One of the most energetic actors. A beautiful dreamer. Achiever. Here’s a beautiful dreamer and achiever Yash!”

Watch what he said:


Sudeep’s fan base

Abhinaya Chakravarthi Kichcha Sudeep is one of the biggest stars and his fan base is outstanding. His devoted fans are known for doing crazy stuff for him, which is quite unbelievable. It is reported that there is a village in Karnataka that worships the actor as a god and celebrate like a festival on his birthday.

Now, after the release of the much-awaited fantasy thriller, Vikrant Rona, fans are reacting and telling how they liked Kicha Sudeep’s film. A Twitter user who happens to be a Sudeep fan wrote, “#VikrantRona… what a stunning visual and making… #kichachasudeep Sir swag and acting..the story is completely unique and surprises a lot … Pure theater experience Cinema”.

Praising the visual effects of the film, another user wrote, “Stellar performance [email protected] another milestone from #kfi this one is a must watch especially the #3D experience is top notch”, another user wrote, “Just finished watching the movie it’s kickass movie 2nd half veralevel what a Craze for this man In Tamilnadu.. Huge blockbuster .TN”.


Vikrant Rona stars Kannada superstar Kiccha Sudeep in the lead role along with Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, and Jacqueline Fernandez. The film is hailed for its visual effects and Kiccha Sudeep’s stellar performance in the film.