Kiccha Sudeep Confirms His Plans To Directing Salman Khan, The Process Started Last Year

In a recent interview, Vikrant Rona actor Kiccha Sudeep confirmed that he is going to direct Salman Khan and the process started last year.

Sudeep and Salman

In 2021, Kiccha Sudeep in an interview had spoken about his plans to direct his Dabangg 3 co-star, Salman Khan in a feature film. Ever since then, not much has been known about this news. However, in the latest interview, Sudeep opened up about his next with Salman. He confirmed that there is something brewing in that direction. “When I am directing Salman Khan, you should wait no,” he smiles.


“The process just started last year and wait for some more time. I have to tell him the story, then he has to say a yes and then tell the time of coming to set. With Salman Bhai, it’s going to be like that. He is so busy with so many people writing for him. We keep discussing and it will happen at the right time,” he said.

The bonding 

“He has definitely seen the showreels which were around 18 minutes long before coming on board the film. He was impressed and has been linked with us since then. I share a bond with him and have an equation. I didn’t go ask him, once he got to know that I am tapping the Hindi market, he said, ‘I am there for you’. It’s a very big thing. He is a big star, earning money left-right, and center,” the actor added.

The actor concludes, “He was there for me and did his best for my film. It’s a huge thing for me. If he believes in something, he will do it.”


Meanwhile, Kiccha Sudeep’s Vikrant Rona was released today 28th July. The film is expected to wreak havoc at the box office since it will be screened on over 3000 screens in India alone. The film is expected to do well in international markets as well. In the Hindi belt, Vikrant Rona will clash with Ek Villain Returns at the box office.