Sonu Sood Jumps In Between Ajay Devgn and Kichcha Sudeep’s National Language Debate

Sonu Sood has shared his thought on the ongoing debate around Hindi as the national language. His reaction has come after a Twitter battle between Ajay Devgn and Kichcha Sudeep.

The National Language debate 

Actor Sonu Sood has shared his opinion on the ongoing debate on whether Hindi can be regarded as the national language of the country. Bending toward Sudeep’s comments, Sonu said that India is united by the language of entertainment.


“I don’t think Hindi can be called just the national language. India has one language, which is entertainment. It doesn’t really matter which industry you belong to. If you entertain people, they will love you, honor you and accept you,” Sonu said.

“Filmmakers and actors should respect people’s sensibilities. Gone are days when people used to say ‘leave your mind behind. They won’t leave their mind behind and shell out thousands of rupees on an average film. The only good cinema will be accepted,” Sonu added.

Commenting on the recent success of KGF 2, RRR, and Pushpa, the actor said, “Their roaring performance at the box office will “change the way Hindi films will be made”.


Sudeep and Ajay Devgn

Sonu Sood’s comment has come after Sudeep and Ajay Devgn shared their opinion on a statement passed by Amit Shah during the 37th meeting of the Parliamentary Official Language Committee as well as KGF 2 and RRR’s massive success.

“Now the time has come to make Hindi the Official Language. It is an important part of the unity of the country. When citizens of States who speak other languages communicate with each other, it should be in the language of India,” Amit Shah had earlier said.

Later, Sudeep spoke about how “Hindi is no more a national language. The Kannada superstar’s comment came as a response to Yash starrer KGF Chapter 2’s success across the country. “You said that a pan India film was made in Kannada. I’d like to make a small correction. Hindi is no more a national language. They (Bollywood) are doing pan-India films today. They are struggling (to find success) by dubbing in Telugu and Tamil, but it’s not happening. Today we are making films that are going everywhere,” he said.


Responding to Sudeep’s statement, Ajay Devgn on Tuesday tweeted that Hindi was and will remain India’s national language.

Sudeep, however, clarified in a tweet that the context of his statement was “entirely different” and he didn’t mean to “hurt, provoke or start any debate,” to which Devgn replied