Sudeep Tweets: Shivanna Told Me, “I Carried Puneeth in these Arms. He is 13 Years Younger To Me.” Truly Heart-Breaking!

In a shocking incident on Friday, Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar succumbed to a cardiac arrest on Friday. He was just 46 years old. The entire state is mourning the loss of its beloved son.

Puneeth Rajkumar passes away

On Friday, after the completion of his gym session at home, Puneeth collapsed. He was taken to a family doctor, who performed an ECG and concluded there were signs of a heart attack. Immediately, Puneeth was brought to the Vikram Hospitals. However, en route, he suffered a cardiac arrest. The doctors at Vikram Hospitals tried cardiac massage for close to three hours but still could not revive him.


Kichcha Sudeep reacts to Puneeth’s demise

Puneeth, apart from his prowess in various fields of cinema, was known for his humble nature and his unforgettable smile. He was also involved in plenty of activities aimed at the development of society. His passing away, that too at the age of just 46, is a shock for all the citizens of the state.

Friend and colleague Kichcha Sudeep, too, could not believe the loss of a person, whom he had known since childhood. On Saturday, the actor expressed his grief at losing his close friend with an emotional post on Twitter. Sudeep talked about when he had met Puneeth first and his qualities as a human being and as an actor. Sudeep also rightly said that it will take a long time to come to terms that the Power Star is no more.

Seeing Shivanna in that state was further hurting. He said a line to me. He said ” He (Puneeth) is 13 years younger to me.. I have carried him in these arms. Have seen enough till now. What more am I destined to see.” (Excerpt from Sudeep’s tweet)