“Kabzaa 2 will be Hollywood type film, More ‘Big Stars’ to join the Sequal”: R Chandru

The reaction on social media right now is that Kabzaa is a film that the Kannada film industry should forget and move on from. But it seems R Chandru is more than confident that Kabzaa 2 will be even better than the prequel.

Kabzaa 2 plannings

One of the debates that came up during the promotions of R Chandru’s latest, Kabzaa, is that it would have a sequel, which, the filmmaker was hopeful of taking ahead with Upendra, Shivarajkumar, and Sudeep’s characters in the lead. Kabzaa had Upendra in the lead, as Arkeshwara, an air force pilot, who later becomes a major player in the Indian underworld. However, Upendra’s magic still did not impress the audience and the Box Office numbers speak a lot.


In pre-release events, Upendra noted that Chandru plans to take the story ahead with Sudeep and Shivarajkumar leading the narrative. Now, in the latest interview, the director himself has confirmed the happening of Kabzaa 2 soon. “People had asked me earlier if Upendra sir or Sudeep sir will be in Part 2. Let me assure you that all three (Upendra, Sudeep, Shivrajkumar) will be part of Kabzaa 2. And there will be additional stars in the sequel.

Here’s the video:

Kabzaa 2 may not happen

Amid all the buzz about Kabzaa 2, the first part has been released to widespread negative reviews with fans of both Upendra and Kiccha Sudeep urging the stars not to return for the sequel, or, for that matter, collaborate with R Chandru again.


Social media is flooded with fans messaging both actors urging them not to be a part of Kabzaa 2 and also not to work with Chandru. In Sudeep’s case, his fans have requested him to stop doing cameos for the sake of friendships.

More surprisingly, Industry experts say that it is doubtful that Kabzaa 2 will get made, given that it was a complete washout in all the markets outside of Karnataka. Even on home ground, collections have been on a downfall, after a fairly decent opening, despite the bad reviews.


For Kabzaa, Chandru was fortunate enough to be able to do good pre-release business with digital and satellite rights, as well as for distribution, as his partners only had the trailer to decide upon and that looked somewhat good. Now that the film is out and has not lived up to any expectations, it is unlikely that he can get a similar business deal for a sequel.