The World Gets A New Hero: Vikrant Rona Arrives In Style As Burj Khalifa Gets Lit Up In Red And Yellow

It was a historic day for the Kannada Film Industry on January 31st, 2021. An offering from this industry made its presence felt on the tallest structure on the planet – The Burj Khalifa.

25 years of Sudeep in the field of entertainment

Kichcha Sudeep completed 25 years in the entertainment field and commemorating this occasion, a short glimpse of the man as an actor and a person was showcased on Burj Khalifa. Thus, Sudeepa became one of the very few personalities who could go up on the tall building in UAE.


Vikrant Rona – The World Gets A New Hero

The event at Burj Khalifa also provided a sneak peek into Vikrant Rona, the upcoming film of Sudeepa. The title-logo of the movie was shown, and a short cut from the film was also displayed. 

Going by what was seen on the magnificent structure, it can be concluded that KFI will be feasted to a cinematic marvel later this year. The makers also announced that the film would release across 50 countries in various languages.

“Indebted to the love of the people”

Sudeepa was naturally elated about his achievement. Talking about his journey so far, the actor mentioned that he is indebted to the people of Karnataka and his fans for the love they have showered. Hence, it was of no surprise when the iconic red-and-yellow signifying Karnataka also came up on Burj Khalifa.


The ‘Kempegowda’ actor also thanked his technicians and co-actors who made it possible for him to reach the heights in his career. About Vikrant Rona, Sudeepa said that we can expect the film to release somewhere around August this year. He assured that the film will be one of its kind and will entertain the viewers in a never-before way.