‘Kantara will be a Universe,’ films to go beyond Kantara 2; Hints Hombale Films

The Hombale Films founder Vijay Kirgandur recently revealed that Rishab Shetty’s Kantara will take the shape of a franchise now and will be bigger than Kantara 2.

The Kantara Universe 

Kannada film producer Vijay Kiragandur recently confirmed that Kantara, much like KGF, will be a franchise. During an interview with a major Hindi newspaper, Kirangandur spoke at length about Hombale’s upcoming mega projects, their much-anticipated Hindi debut, and, finally, the Kantara universe.


Speaking about the Rishab Shetty film, the producer said that Hombale Films is, quite certainly, visualizing Kantara as a major franchise that is expected to dish out blockbusters, much like Prashanth Neel’s KGF series.

“Yes, we are in talks with Rishab right now. But quite definitely, Kantara will take the form of a franchise. Our discussions are currently in the final stage and we will be making a formal announcement soon,” said Vijay Kiragandur. Quoted OTTplay.

Now, the franchise means a lot of possibilities with Kantara. Although both Rishab and Hombale Films are yet to officially confirm Kantara 2, the much sought-after sequel/prequel project, assumptions are rife all over that the ‘Divine’ collaboration is back on the cards with Hombale Films currently developing the next installment. However, with Kiragandur now confirming that Kantara will take the shape of a franchise, this should mean that there are multiple stories preserved for the Kantara universe. In other words, there might be a Kantara 3 and many more.


The Idea of KGF 3 

Coming to the KGF franchise, although the ending moments of KGF 2 suggested that the Rocky Bhai saga has reached its grand pinnacle, the film’s post-credits teased KGF 3 and left all the viewers shocked and thrilled. And going by Vijay Kiragandur’s own recent statement about KGF having the potential of a James Bond-like series, Rocky Bhai is slated to return sooner or later.

During an interaction with a media outlet, Kiragandur revealed that KGF 3, in all likeliness, will not go on floors until 2025, and should the franchise expand further and beyond KGF 5, Rocking Star Yash could be replaced by another actor to lend the James Bond-esque edge to the series.