Will Kantara Go To The Oscars? Rishab Shetty Breaks Silence

Rishab Shetty’s Kantara has been breaking many records since its release. The film has not only won over audiences in Karnataka but also surpassed boundaries, impressing moviegoers in non-Kannada-speaking states. While everyone is showering the film with love, a section of fans believe that the film deserves to be nominated for the Oscars and even win in a few categories.

Kantara For Oscars

While fans will have to wait until Kantara makes the cut for the Oscars submission next year, Rishab Shetty said he wouldn’t react to these demands. In a new interview, the actor-filmmaker said that he did not work for success but for the love of working.


“I don’t react to that. I just saw the 25000 tweets about that. It makes me happy but I don’t comment on that. Because I didn’t work for this success. I worked for work. That’s all,” he told ETimes in an interview.

Speaking about the box office reception, Rishab confessed he had not anticipated Kantara to perform this well at the box office.

“I don’t know. It just happened. Cinema has a certain energy and we have talked about our culture and folklore in the film. So, I guess with God’s blessings the film has been released pan-India. We have got positioning in the pan-India market. But we can’t take every film pan-India. Kantara was initially meant as a Kannada film only. But it became a pan-India film.” he said.


The Pan India mantra

What changes movies like KGF and Kantara will bring to the Kannada film industry?

“I think the pan-India concept is very seasonal. The first pan-India superstar was Dr. Rajkumar. His film Mahishasurmardini was dubbed in multiple languages and released simultaneously across the country. The contribution of Dr. Rajkumar, Dr. Vishnuvardhan, Amrit Sir, Shankarnath Sir, and Sidlingayya ji to Indian cinema is immense. There’s a film titled Boothayyana Maga Ayyu that touched upon the present-day issues of the time. They shot the flood sequence in the climax using miniatures. I still don’t understand how they must have shot it without VFX,” the actor revealed.

After a massive success in Hindi belts, Rishab was spotted in Mumbai on Sunday morning, offering prayers at Siddhivinayak Temple in the city.


Source: ETimes