“People of Karnataka won’t do what they did to us”, Yash Boss’ EPIC reply to Bollywood

In a recent interview with a news portal, Yash proudly accepted the fact that his film, ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ and Kantara has put the Kannada film industry on the map this year. However, he also urged the people of Kannada to put down any other industry.

Yash’s take on Bollywood’s failure 

Rocking star Yash received worldwide success and credit after the success of his 2018 film ‘KGF’ and the sequel KGF: Chapter 2′. After the outstanding reaction to the film, the actor accepted that it was KGF that put the Kannada film industry on the map and spoke about how he wants “every director, actor from my industry to become a pan-India star.”


Yash, during a recent interview with Anupama Chopra, expressed his wish that after achieving success with KGF 2 and Kantara, the people of Karnataka should not disrespect any other film industry in the country.

He said, “I don’t want the people of Karnataka to put any other industry down, because we have faced that problem when everyone treated us like that. We have worked hard to get that respect. After that, we cannot start ill-treating anyone. We should respect everybody. Respect Bollywood. Forget this North and south.”

It’s just a phase

Yash added, “It’s not good to corner anyone. It’s not a good development when someone starts ridiculing Bollywood saying, ‘They are nothing.’ It’s just a phase. They have taught us so many things.”


The 36-year-old actor wants the present generation to focus on competing on a global stage, instead of competing with each other. “As a country, we should make good films, develop infrastructure, and build theatres. There is so much to do. This generation should stop fighting among ourselves, go out and compete with the rest of the world and say, ‘India has arrived.’”

Yash is currently not working on any movie. But moving forward, he would like to work only on larger-than-life projects as slice-of-life films have “never interested him.”