Rishab Shetty Trolls Over Acting Rashmika Mandanna Like A Boss

South actress Rashmika Mandanna was recently criticized and trolled for her recent comment about Kannada hit Kantara. Netizens share a video of Kantara director Rishab Shetty where he is seen trolling the Kirik Party actress.

Rashmika’s statement

Angry fans on social media trolled popular South actress Rashmika Mandanna after she denied watching Kantara yet even after the film got a positive response from notable actors like Prabhas, Dhanush, and Rajnikanth.


Her reaction came in after she was spotted at an airport recently, where the media asked her if she had watched the film. After she replied that she hasn’t so far, she was hit with a storm of comments, accusing her of not being respectful to her seniors and ‘forgetting her roots.’ Kantara director-ator Rishab Shetty directed her debut movie Kirik Party.

A fan wrote, “Yea never forget the person who bought u to the Industry and respect the language u debuted.#kannada #rakshithshetty.” Another one wrote, “If you can’t handle stardom and trolling (side effects of being famous) take up a 9 to 5 job. No one gives a sh*t about you there. We are hiring.”

Rishab Shetty’s reaction

Meanwhile, a section of netizens is sharing a small clip of Kantara director Rishab Shetty where he is seen choosing Samantha Ruth Prabhu over Rashmika Mandanna.


Here’s the video:

Also, Rashmika Mandanna on Tuesday penned a lengthy note to hit back at trolls who unnecessarily target her.

On Instagram, she wrote, “I welcome constructive criticism because that’s only going to push me to improve and do better. But what’s with the vile negativity and hate? For the longest time, I’ve been told to ignore it. But it has only gotten worse. By addressing it, I’m not trying to win anyone over. I don’t want to feel closeted and forced to change as a human being because of this hate I keep receiving.”