Still alive of SMS and hit back on the applications


People are thinking that the short messaging service is getting died slowly for various reasons. However, the main reason is due to the appearance of Telegram, WhatsApp and more instant messaging applications. When it comes to the year 2019, the business is going to be worthier than $500 million with more than 22 billion messages getting travel across every month in general.

One should know that it is not a traditional messaging from sender to receiver which is grown. However, the category is already flatlined as per recent sources. Well, the growth where you can see is app-to-person messages. And, we must thank the applications which are downloading in millions across the globe. For information, the subscribers are peppering with the messages of text with promotions, notifications, advertisements( Mostly used by Companies that help us Play online roulette in India) as well as transactions.

You need to know is where the segment has grown up to 20% as the years are passing every time since 2014. Well, till 2018, there are totally 210 billion messages as per the sources by industry data. However, it will be going to reach around 265 billion in 2019. It is important to know that before 5 years, it was around just 100 billion.

Well, there is a rush when comes to enterprise messaging or A2P SMS which is mainly said by Bharat Bhargava who is a leader and partner of Telecom advisory. For information, Adoption across verticals is mainly involving with the retail for OTP, marketing and banking confirmations. Along with these, there are also notifications, marketing, and branding as he stated.

As per sources, around 95% traffic which is huge comes from India. Well, it is mainly generated by the messages globally from applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google and more.

At the end of last year from 2012, monthly messages by subscribers have halved to 16 from 38 as per the data from Analysys Mason. For information, person to person messages in India was around 391 billion before the arrival of applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others. Now, till 2017, there was a massive drop up to 226 billion.

According to the sources, Indian telcos and others are satisfied with the changes. Then, they started to charge the application related companies with 10 paise for the message within India and allotted for Rs.1 for international. When it comes to 2019, the total revenue is estimated at around $515 million in 2019. It mainly helps over a sector during the time of financial issues despite heavy competition.

Nowadays, millions of people are shifting towards digital usage for transactions and all.stated by Spokesperson for Idea, Vodafone. However, when it comes to Reliance Jio Infocomm as well as Bharti Airtel didn’t state anything about the growth of the business.
At the end of the day, it’s a win for all the operators who all are increasingly getting their revenue stream. Even the enterprises feel economically medium and easy to communicate with any consumers, said by Himanshu Goel, Chief executive of syniverse india.



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