Sai Pallavi Feels Kashmir Genocide And Lynching For ‘Cow Smuggling’ Are Both Crimes, Twitter Is Divided

Sai Pallavi, in a recent interview, said that the Kashmir genocide and lynching for ‘cow smuggling’ are the same. Netizens now have divided opinions. Some take Pallavi’s side, others pointed out that both are not the same.

Sai Pallavi’s political take

Sai Pallavi is known for her grounded personality and that’s one of the reasons why people love her. During the promotions of her upcoming film, Virata Parvam, she compared the Kashmir genocide to lynching for ‘cow smuggling.’ This opinion however has left social media separated. While a section of people takes Palaavi’s side, others pointed out that both are not the same.


In an interview, Sai Pallavi was questioned about her political leanings. She said that she is ideologically neutral and was brought up that way. She added that she doesn’t know if the left-wing or the right-wing groups are correct.

The comparison

Speaking about her view, the Paava Kadhaigal actress said, “I grew up in a neutral environment. I have heard about the left-wing and right-wing. But, I cannot say who is right and who is wrong.”

“The film, The Kashmir Files, shows how Kashmiri Pandits were killed. Recently, there was an incident of a person being killed for carrying a cow because he was suspected to be a Muslim. After killing the person, the attackers raised ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans. What is the difference between what happened in Kashmir and what happened recently?” she questioned.


The 30-year-old also added that her family taught her to be a good person. “You need to protect the oppressed. Their stature isn’t important. If you are a good human being, you don’t feel that one is right.”

Sai Pallavi’s controversial opinion has drawn reactions from all sides on social media. While a few of them agree with her statement, others pointed out that one cannot correlate genocide with lynching for ‘cow smuggling’, which is basically a crime.

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