Gargi Trailer Review: Sai Pallavi Is Back With An Intense Drama, This Time In Her Own Voice In Kannada

Sai Pallavi is one actress who is trekking on her own route when it comes to the preference of roles and subjects. More often than not, the Premam fame actress has encountered success. Now, she is coming up with a movie called “Gargi” that is finding release in all the South Indian languages. Directed by Gautham Ramachandran, Gargi will hit screens on July 15th. In Kannada, the film is being presented by Rakshit Shetty’s Paramvah Studios while KRG Studios will distribute it. The makers recently dropped the trailer of the film. Here is a brief assessment of the same:

A big boost to dubbing in Kannada

In recent times, we have noticed films from neighbouring industries not displaying significant appeal in dubbing to Kannada. At times, films were dubbed in Kannada but did not even reach the theatres.


Amidst this, it is a relief that a film like Gargi is arriving. While big names such as Rakshit Shetty and KRG Studios have backed the flick, Sai Pallavi’s effort in reaching out to the Kannada audience is good to see.

She has dubbed for herself, and as seen from the trailer, Sai Pallavi’s Kannada is nearly perfect and sounds good, too. She has given a couple of interviews to the Kannada media, further adding to the buzz.

The trailer has evoked curiosity

The trailer plays an important role, especially for a dubbing film. The audience, apart from the content, will also be keen on the quality of the dubbing. While this has been taken care of well by the makers, the content has also triggered a discussion.


Essaying the role of a school teacher, Sai Pallavi’s character Gargi has to fight for her family when her father is arrested. The conflict on one side, Gargi also has to deal with the society that judges a women’s battle against the odds. Of course, Sai Pallavi appears to be a perfect fit for the role, and she seems to have nailed her character. With her acting prowess, Sai has added authenticity to Gargi.

The technical departments have also got it right, going by trailer. The mood and setting of the film are established well in the trailer and this can be considered as a good part of the job done. The film is nearing release, and there is good noise surrounding it. Hopefully, it hits the bull’s eye on July 15th.