Gargi Film Review: A Hard-Hitting Drama Backed By A Solid Show From The Star-Cast

Featuring Sai Pallavi in the lead role, Gargi hit the screens on July 14th. The film is directed by Gautham Ramachandran and is cinematographed by Sraiyanti & Premkrishna Akkatu with Govind Vasantha delivering the music. Gargi is out in various languages and the makers have shown a keen interest in fetching the film in Kannada, as well. While Rakshit Shetty has presented the flick, popular banner KRG Studios has distributed it. Sai Pallavi has given her own voice to the Kannada version and this was one of the impressive elements in the trailer. The film has opened to good reviews and we take a look at the film’s review in the below headings:

A hard-hitting drama

Gargi is all about a school teacher, played by Sai Pallavi, and her fight against the system when her family gets into trouble. Her life is going in the desired way with her impending marriage but there is a massive jolt when Gargi’s father is accused of child abuse. He gets arrested and his identity comes out in the media. Apart from the media trial, Gargi’s family also has to suffer from the wrath of the public. Gargi and her family are advised to leave the town. Those who stood by them initially also move away. However, Gargi believes in her father’s innocence and decides to take on the system. The subsequent events, comprising Gargi’s faith in the judiciary, complete the well-bound story.


Gargi’s story is sensitive at various points and the writers have made it a point to add a sense of thrill to the proceedings. While the audience empathises and connects with Gargi on one side, there is also a “whodunit” which is happening parallelly. The combined effect makes it an engaging experience for the viewers.

Gargi is well backed by the technical team

Gargi’s major plus point is its star cast. Sai Pallavi’s performance is perfect and she does extremely well with her Kannada. It is difficult to imagine anyone else in the role of Gargi. Kaali Venkat is a surprise in the film. The actor is usually known for his supporting acts. However, in this film, he gets a meaty role and he pulls it off wonderfully well. Also, the makers must be appreciated for adding relevant depth to this character.

The cinematography department has succeeded in adding a layer to the happenings. The film moves around to a lot of locations and for the viewers, it’s a seamless movement. Govind Vasantha’s music is an asset to the film. The 96 fame composer delivers big time by giving an eerie touch to the happenings with his BGM. Overall, Gargi is a fine attempt that deserves a viewing. The film is about a sensitive subject and one can leave the theatres satisfactorily.