Spineless Media Dares To Call Udaipur Killers ‘Muslim’ And This Is Happening For Real

A Hindu shopkeeper was murdered by two Muslim men in Rajasthan’s Udaipur on Tuesday. After this incident was condemned on various social media platforms, several Twitter users blamed media outlets for failing to call Udaipur killers ‘Muslim’.

Spineless Media

Two Muslim men killed a Udaipur tailor on Tuesday afternoon, recording the act on their phones. Later they also issued a threat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi while posing proudly with the knives used in the killing.


As the final journey of Kanhaiya Lal (the deceased) continued, massive protests are now taking place over his killing. Protestors raised slogans against the killing and demanded strict action against the perpetrators.

The incident has sent shockwaves across the nation. A massive outrage erupted over the killing on social media platforms as well. People from all over the country condemn the killing.

Meanwhile, several netizens pointed out how some media outlets are concealing this horrifying murder by not daring to call Udaipur Killers ‘Muslim’. Popular social media influencer Anshul Saxena shared a newspaper that covered this incident in a different angle.


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Twitter also shared similar news portals