Gargi Twitter Reactions: Sai Pallavi Gives A Career-Best Performance In One Of The Toughest Roles

Tollywood’s much-awaited film Gargi, starring Sai Pallavi in the lead role, is in the theaters now. The film was released on July 14 and has been receiving a positive response from audiences and critics also.

Sai Pallavi’s Gargi 

Tollywood sensation Sai Pallavi’s women-centric film Gargi finally arrived in theaters on July 14. This is Sai Pallavi’s show all the way and it is easily her career-best performance, the actor showcases that she has so much hidden potential.


Sai Pallavi as Gargi is a school teacher. Her father (RS Shivaji) works as a watchman in an apartment. In the beginning, their life is peaceful and Gargi was about to get married. Their life takes a U-turn when a gang rape happens in the apartment where her father works. He is the fifth accused in the case and is condemned by society and the media. The rest is all about how Gargi fights to prove her father’s innocence and get him out of jail.

Watch the trailer here:


Ever since Gargi was released, movie lovers and fans are showering the film with praise on Twitter.


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