Bengaluru: Uber Ride In The City vs Mumbai Flight Price Comparison Tweet Sparks Debate

A user took to Twitter to slam the extremely high prices of a Uber cab ride from his home to the airport. The prices are equal to the lowest available fares for flights from Bengaluru to Mumbai, the viral post sparked debate.

Exorbitant Prices On Uber

Traveling is much more comfortable these days with cabs available at your doorsteps. But what if the price of a particular ride costs equal to a flight charge? This is what seems to have happened to a customer who took to Twitter to criticize the extremely high prices of a popular ride-hailing company from his home to the Bengaluru airport.


CEO of The Ken Web, Rohin Dharmakumar shared two different screenshots, the first image of the two showed the prices of Bengaluru to Mumbai flights, starting at Rs. 2,058. Meanwhile, the second screenshot showed an Uber cab ride from Dharmakumar’s home to the Kempegowda International Airport.

In the screenshot, while the Uber Premier was priced at Rs 1,713, Uber XL was charging Rs 2,638 for the same distance. Sharing the screenshots, Rohin wrote, “A ~1 hour Uber to Bengaluru airport costs 60-130% the price of a ~1.5-hour flight to Mumbai”.

Twitter Reactions

Several netizens on Mr. Dharmakumar’s post agreed that being an hour and a half from the city’s center was a struggle. Others, however, suggested less expensive options.


Later, a report by The Hindu said the transport department has slapped 292 cases on ride-hailing apps including Ola and Uber based on these complaints by citizens. Commuters have also sent complaints via email to the chief minister himself, among other top government officials in this matter.