Rajamouli Talks About The Reason He Brings Topics That Are Inspired From Mahabharata And Ramayana

Taking Indian cinema to another level SS Rajamouli has always brought up stories related to Ithihasa and Purana. Yet again, in his new epic war drama movie, the director has left no stones unturned. Featuring Ram Charan and Jr NTR in lead roles, RRR is a terrific film with also shows some parts of India’s ancient history.

Rajamouli is back with a bang

After 3-and-a-half years, SS Rajamouli is back with a bang. Carrying a good name from Baahubali is itself a huge pressure, no matter how big the budget of your next film might be. Despite this, Rajamouli has truly comprehended that and has now come up with RRR, starring Ram Charan and Jr NTR.


RRR director has once again proven that the core story should always talk about the history of India. With stunning set-pieces and goosebump-inducing emotional sequences, RRR is a war drama that takes us back in time.

Movies based on Ithihasa and Purana

Rajamouli has always been a fanatic of epics, especially Ramayana and Mahabharata. Even in RRR, we witness how he cherished Ramayana as he modeled Ram Charan and Alia Bhatt’s characters around Lord Ram and Sita’s lives.

Previously during the Baahubali 2 poster release event, Rajamouli had explained why he always took Indian mythology thoughtfully.


In a poster from Baahubali, where Prabhas and Anushka pose together, the audience was blown away by the three-arrow archery act. People however were puzzled and were unaware that such a style existed in earlier times.

Later, a team from Archaeological Research Centre discovered stones in Tamil Nadu town with carvings of warriors having three arrows in the right hand and a bow in the left. The stones are claimed to belong to the 13th-century Vijayanagar period. Surprisingly, the discovery had a strange similarity to the technique in Baahubali 2.

Credits: TOI

Rajamouli shares the reason why he inspires a lot of things from Ithihasa and Purana. He says, “All my films are inspired by Mahabharata and Ramayana because I was raised with these epics. I have a deep emotional connect with them.”


In the latest interview, Rajamouli shares how he feels about the existence of God. He said I don’t believe in God and religion the way it is portrayed now. But if you ask me genuinely if I believe in God, I would say I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. Many learned people discuss the superpowers of the gods and the things they can do magically. These things are never clear to me. But when it comes to us all, nothing is in our hands to be controlled. Finally, everything that happens to you reflects your work and the way you think.”

Coming to RRR, SS Rajamouli has once again proven that the story matters the most to have a pleasing film. It needs to have the necessary punch to scale it on a huge level.