This is Shocking! Adipurush editor reveals the team has made ‘No Changes’ even after criticism

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The teaser of Prabha’s Adipurush was criticized for its poor quality. However, the film’s editor has now claimed that the team didn’t make any mistake in the first place to fix it.

‘No Changes’ even after criticism

When the Adipurush trailer was released, many moviegoers mocked the Prabhas starrer for its inadequate special effects and the way Lord Ravana, Hanuman, and other characters were portrayed. The film’s release date was quickly moved from January to June 2023 by the producers. And that sparked rumors that they were changing some of the film’s visual effects.


But, what comes as a surprise, a key technician who worked on Adipurush’s editing revealed that they didn’t change anything in the movie at all. It’s unknown if the technician mentioned any aspects of the movie’s visual effects or editing, such as cutting out a few moments, but this revelation has caught Prabhas’ fans off guard.

The film’s editor speaks to the media

The film’s editor Ashish Mhatre says this was all part of the plan. In an interview with the Times of India, Ashish revealed that they have made the film that director Om Raut has imagined.

Further, Ashish admitted that the entire team was shocked by the negative response of the audience. He said that the reason for such feedback could be because the viewers didn’t see the teaser in 3D. He also said that people were disappointed as the characters in Adipurush looked different from what people have seen so far in different versions of Ramayana.


After so many negative responses to the teaser, it was believed that the makers are correcting the film, but Ashish confirmed that the team has stuck to the original plan and hadn’t made any significant changes. He said, “We have not made any alterations in the film post the criticism, we did the film which was planned already… We are following the same way from where we started the film because we have not made any mistake in the first place, that needs rectification.”

The editor is convinced that people will change their minds about the film once it is released on big screens. “One cannot judge the entire film in just 90 seconds of a teaser,” he said.

With Prabhas, Adipurush also features Kirti Sanon as Sita, Saif Ali Khan as Ravanan, Sunny Singh as Lakshman, and Devdatta Nage as Hanuman. Ajay-Atul has composed the music for the film, which was initially slated to hit theatres on January 12, but the release date was later postponed to June 16, 2023.