Netizens Urge BBMP To Buy This Machine That Can Fix Pothole In 5 Minutes

Bengaluru, the IT hub of India, often remains in news for its inferior road infrastructure, and the potholes till date have claimed many lives in the city too. While the issue has been raised by the residents several times, netizens recently shared a video of a machine that can fix a pothole within 5 minutes.

Potholes in the city

In Bengaluru, potholes and poor roads have created a huge problem for the citizen. These are so dangerous that they even claim lives. However, despite activists, citizens, and even traffic cops going out of their way to take action, the problem continues to exist.


Motorists commuting on such roads have begun to take yoga lessons. Reason: To heal the back pain caused by potholes! Fed up by the poor condition of roads in the city, the residents even came up with a unique way to lodge their protest. The citizens geo-tagged a pothole on Google Maps, and in no time, it started getting reviews as well.

Pothole repairing machines 

Netizens recently shared a video of a machine that can fix a pothole within 5 minutes. They even urged the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to buy this modern machine.

A quick fix for terrible city roads comes in the form of truck-mounted pothole-repairing machines that can complete in five minutes. Normally, a delegation of workers usually needs more than 30 minutes to do but this machine could handle the problem in minutes.


A road can be reopened to traffic almost instantly after the potholes are fixed, unlike when manual repairs are carried out. The machine just requires 15-minute to fix several potholes on the same stretch, something that is almost impossible for workers to do manually.

Well, it’s not that the BBMP has never tried to go with such machines. Years ago, The civic body had a machine imported from Canada that can fix hundreds of potholes every week. It was fully automatic and can be used even during rain.

But, unfortunately, those machines bought by BBMP were never really used effectively. And till now no one knows what happened to them.


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