50-year-old Woman Killed In Bengaluru Due To Pothole Menace, CM Bommai Assures Action

A woman was killed in a road accident after she fell off a scooter and came under a bus in Bengaluru. She was riding pillion behind her daughter and fell off the scooter as they were trying to maneuver around a pothole.

Pothole accident

Bengaluru’s infamous potholes claimed yet another life on Monday when a 50-year-old woman, who was tossed off a scooter and run over by a bus, succumbed to injuries at a hospital. The unfortunate incident happened in Bengaluru’s Rajajinagar on Monday when the woman, identified as Umadevi, was riding pillion behind her daughter and fell off the scooter as they were trying to maneuver around a pothole, reported Hindustan Times.


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The woman unluckily came under a KSRTC bus, which gave her serious injuries to the head and legs. Although she was rushed to a hospital in the area, she died of her injuries later that night.

“A woman who got hit by a bus yesterday while trying to avoid potholes on the road in Bengaluru, succumbed to her injuries today,” news agency ANI reported.

CM Basavaraj Bommai also reacted to the incident and assured prompt action and ordered the police to conduct a probe into the matter on Tuesday.


“I have given instructions, corporation (BBMP) commissioner also met. What has happened there (pothole) and repairing it is one part… I have also asked the police to inquire into the reasons for the death, and the complaint received, and report back. Once the report comes, I have directed officials to take action against the guilty,” he was quoted by the news agency PTI.

Driver nabbed for investigation

Meanwhile, the police from the Malleshwaram traffic police station have caught the driver of the government bus, while further investigation is on.

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BBMP officials however said they were awaiting a police report to ascertain the exact cause of the accident, even as barricades were placed along the pothole-ridden stretch. According to the Indian Express, the road came under the major roads department of the BBMP and was handed over to the projects department for maintenance. The projects department has now pointed fingers at the contractor for not maintaining the road.


Sources said that though the road was under repairs, it could not be taken up due to continuous rainfall in the region.