“Work From Road” Trends on Twitter after Bengaluru traffic annoys Techies

Bengaluru, India’s IT capital, is infamous for its traffic challenges. Thousands of commuters are forced to wait in long lines every day as they attempt to negotiate the city’s messy roads. The image of the woman working on her laptop, while snarled in traffic, illustrates how traveling in the city can waste hours of valuable time.

What happened?

Given the city’s rapid population growth and the tremendous strain placed on its infrastructure, hours-long traffic jams are not unusual, but it was this particular morning rush hour that everyone found frustrating. Several commuters claimed they were forced to abandon their vehicles in the middle of the road and even turn around and go back home.


Even Chandramouli Gopalakrishnan, a typically positive employee of a major multinational company, recently expressed his frustration on Twitter despite being a staunch advocate of the city’s traffic management and adhering to the mantra of leaving early to avoid gridlocks.

He tweeted, “I am one of those who don’t buy into the Bangalore always has bad traffic commentary. But today I have lost it too. My usual argument of, if you want to avoid traffic start early, has been debunked. I started at 7:40 am from home and I am still on the road for a 6km commute.” His tweet came at 9.18 am, after being stuck for over 1.5 hours on a 6km journey. Quoted Money Control.

Annoyed Techies

In the midst of this chaos, many angry locals expressed on social media about the city’s dysfunctional traffic control system.


One user wrote, “Congratulations @blrcitytraffic for this massive traffic mismanagement… its been 3 hours… stuck near Silk board Worst traffic this far. High time that IT cos. and Tech startups start looking for alternative cities. #Bengaluru #bangaloretraffic”.

Another frustrated local wrote, “If traffic police concentrate on traffic management rather than hiding behind trees or pillars to collect fines, these types of cases would not occur.”

One user even “thanked” the traffic and wrote about how they got so much done, “Thanks Silk board traffic! Completed pending work, made some calls, did my meditation, Emptied downloads and recycle bin folders. And now thinking what else can I do stuck in this traffic. 1hr journey from Bommanahalli to Silk board signal.”


In the meantime, a user posted a picture of a woman working while riding a Rapido bike to the office, and the image has since gone viral. According to reports, this photograph was taken along the Koramangala-Agara-Outer Ring Road. It was dubbed a “Peak Bangalore moment” because it captures the hustle and bustle of India’s Silicon Valley.