Signs that shows ‘You’ and a ‘Road’ in Bengaluru are Basically the Same

A decade ago, Bengaluru’s growth story was written down as elegant. Now in the present: The city has become a metaphor for a ‘mismanaged’ and ‘ruined’ city. For anyone coming to Namma Bengaluru, the city is the epitome of crazy traffic jams and chaos on the roads. The city appears to have been chewed by a sudden greed to grow overnight with utter disregard for planning.

The continuous upgradation of the roads in Bengaluru adds to the daily woes of traffic. Most roads in the city have two things in common: potholes and dust. The issue is specifically bad on roads where the BMRCL is building the Metro.


After experiencing these traffic sufferings, a digital creator came up with a brilliant idea – a reel that showcases that there might be a possibility that you are, just, like a road in Bengaluru.

Sharing on Instagram, Aadhithiya R K, a ‘digital creator’, shared a reel that shows the signs that you might be ‘a road in Bengaluru’.

1. “You are constantly trying to upgrade. But you can’t.” (The constant construction work going on)

2. “People screw you over frequently.” (Even with Good Roads, authorities dig it up overnight for upgradation purposes)

3. “Once you heal, people screw you over again.” (A beautiful road is dug up once again because some contractor wants to add the pipelines)

Aadhithiya captioned the reel, “From today I identify as a Bangalore road. My pronouns are High/Way.” Take a look at the reel here: Click