15 Hard-Hitting Myths about Menstruation That Needs To Be Broken Right Away

myths about menstruation

Menstruation is a natural occurring symptom of the reproductive cycle in women. In fact, it is one of the indicators of puberty. But, this occasion is always surrounded by myths and secret rituals around the world. The negative aspects tend to exclude girls from social as well cultural life. In this article, you can find information on Myths about Menstruation.

In developing countries, even today, there has been no advancement about the subject. The blood from menstruation is often considered impure. So, girls in primitive tribes often suffer from shame and embarrassment. In some primitive tribes, women during menstruation have to live in cowsheds. There are heart-wrenching stories of women dying due to infection.

myths about menstruation
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The taboos on menstruation have been the cause of much debate all over the world. It is hard to dispel myths about menstruation, and dismantle the stigma that comes with a period. They have passed from generation to generation. In the process, they have given rise to many false beliefs which are baseless and false.

15 Myths About Menstruation

Predatory animals smell the blood of Women

In the ancient days, the myth was that predatory animals could smell the blood of women and come for the kill. So these women lived in seclusion huts. The main reason is to protect the larger community. In reality, the ancestors believed women during menstruation used to gain special powers. So, the seclusion was to perform sacred rituals for the betterment of the community.

taboos of menstruation

Sharks Can Attack Women If They Go For A Swim In the Ocean

This myth was an assumption, may be, from an experienced fisherman? The blood of the women can attract sharks during a swim in the ocean. Yet, there is no specific data to support this myth about menstruation, ahem an assumption. So, it is going to die a slow death.

Women during Menstruation Contaminate the Food

It is a Myth for sure but there is a reason to it. In developing countries, women during menstruation should not go inside the kitchen. They cannot cook food for the family. In fact, they live in separate rooms and are served food in separate plates. The main reason – hygiene. There is a belief that their presence and touch can spoil the food.

The Duration Can Cause Infertility

A woman during the menstruation cycle will become infertile. The belief is still prevalent in Afghan tribes. These women usually use cloth sanitary napkins during their periods. Out of shame and embarrassment, they do not hang the cloth with other laundry. So, they hide the specific cloth. In the process, women become prone to infections dangerous for reproductive health.

myths about menstruation

Girls Cannot Attend School

There are some countries where girls are confined to their during their periods. They have to stay in separate rooms. The reason given is hygiene. And these girls cannot attend school as is the belief, they can cause infection to other students. There are also myths about menstruation that the uncleanliness of a girl can anger Goddesses and bring wrath on the community.

Doctors often prescribe Meftal Spas Tablet to get relief from pain due to menstrual cramps.

myths about menstruation

Talking To Daughters About The Period Topic Will Scare Them

The reality is that if you do not discuss, she will fear more during her first menstruation period. It is advisable that parents look for the symptoms in their daughter’s development. The clues can help them determine the time for the dialogue. Parents can instill confidence in the girl child stating they are ready to help her any time they can.

The Blood Released During Menstruation Has FOUL ODOR

It is very hard to believe that the blood during the process will stink. Menstrual blood has no foul odor, but when mixed with the bacteria in your body (sweat) it may give rise to some odor. But, the ‘bad smell’ notion is “PURE FICTION”. With PCOS, the egg might not develop in the way it should or it may not get released during ovulation as it should be. PCOS may cause missed or irregular menstrual periods. So, it is very necessary to cure pcos naturally fast.

During Her First Menstruation Cycle, The Girl Has To Consult A Doctor

Unless the girl faces bleeding or severe pain, she need not have to consult a doctor. And every girl experiences the menstrual problems in her own way. Only, twenty percent of girls report of severe pain during their first periods.

myths about menstruation

Irregular Periods Is Sign Of Infertility

There are women who are prone to the irregular menstrual cycle syndrome. It is not definitely a symbol of infertility. There may be various factors in play such as

  • Stress
  • Hectic work schedule
  • Change in diet plans
  • Sudden stopping of birth control pills.

A Girl Should Have Her First Menstruation Pre-16 Years

Usually, a girl’s first period happens amidst the age of 10 and 14. It may also happen at a later stage in some girls. If a girl has not attained puberty after 16 years, then the condition is primary amenorrhea. It is vital to consult a doctor for determining the root cause.

Never Indulge In Exercises During Periods

Medical reports confirmed special form of exercises which, in fact, benefit during menstruation. Meaning, it will help to get relief from the menstrual pain.

Women Can Faint Because Of Excess Loss Of Blood

There is, in fact, a lot of hype surrounding the loss of blood during menstruation. In reality, the woman loses least quantity of blood. So, unless in case of heavy bleeding, there is no reason for a woman to faint. Agreed, symptoms such as PMS can enhance feelings of dizziness.

myths about menstruation

Sex On Your Period Causes Deformed Babies

Even in this era of apps, period sex has got down to a few weird stories. The wildest – a child conceived during the menstruation period will be born disabled. Now, do you remember the famous character in the novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame?”

Menstrual Blood Can Cause Leprosy

The next myth about menstruation was the common belief in the middle of the 16th century in European countries. Sex with a woman during her periods can cause leprosy. So, men during those times must have run helter-skelter after hearing about menstruation.

Burnt Toad

Agreed, there were many myths about menstruation, but this takes the cake. It involved burning lifeless toads in a pot. Then the ashes are poured to a leather pouch and strapped near the private parts.

Even today, the awareness program about menstruation has not been effective. In villages, mothers and women folk of the family do not educate girls on the topic.

The young girls, in turn, suffer from fear and other negative symptoms such as depression. The mother passes on the cultural taboos and restrictions to her daughter. In similar situations, low cost napkins, basic facilities for sanitation may work wonders. Menfolk of certain areas should also be given suitable educational information. Then, they will offer the required support to their daughters, mothers and sisters to dispel/stop the inhumane practices.

myths about menstruation

The negative hype surrounding menstruation bars women from jobs, education and gender equality. But there are people who make difference in the lives of others. Arunachalam Muruganantham created history when he designed a low cost sanitary pad. He faced many hardships when trying to prepare a new sanitary pad that can be accessible to the poor people.

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