Karnataka Cop Wins Internet For Clearing A Waterlogged Road Single Handedly In Belgaum

source: twitter

A Karnataka cop is winning the internet for his act of allegiance. An on-duty officer was seen clearing a waterlogged part of a road so that the excess water drains off the road. He did this job single-handled even though it was not his duty.

Beyond Call of Duty 

The 43-second footage was shot in Belgaum, Karnataka was a cop was seen using a spade to remove the excess water from the road. The interesting thing about this video is, the on-duty police officer did not think much of getting dirty to clean the waterlog lingering on the road. Even though it was not his duty he decided to get down and do it single-handedly.


In this clip as soon as the cop witnessed a side of a waterlogged road. Without thinking much he decides to direct the stream of the stagnant water towards a drain opening using a spade. Ultimately, his struggle pays off and the water slowly starts decreasing.

A Twitter user shared this video and it is now a viral incident.