#IStandWithMalappuram Trends On Twitter For Giving The Communal Angle to The Elephant’s Incident

Ever since the news came out that a pregnant elephant passed away after taking a bite at a pineapple filled with firecrackers, the entire nation has condemned the action of the individuals behind the brutal act. However, the attention is slowly being switched towards a different angle, that has got nothing to do with the killing.

The communal angle to the incident

The elephant death is reported to have happened in the area bordering the districts of Palakkad and Malappuram in Kerala. Apparently, many tweets are doing the rounds blaming the entire district of Malappuram for the act. The fact that 70% of Malappuram’s population are Muslims has given a communal touch to the discussions. BJP MP Maneka Gandhi called Malappuram  a “violent district” and also highlighted the communal conflicts in the region. She was one of the first persons to have instigated this online conflict.


#IStandWithMalappuram Trending

Maneka Gandhi’s comments led to a severe outrage on social media and several fact-checks also revealed that the killing of the elephant actually happened in the Palakkad district. However, there were a few sections who supported the BJP MP’s statement too. Gradually, the discussions drifted towards lynchings in North India and the media’s failure to highlight it. The tag #IStandWithMalappuram, later on, started trending on twitter.

Source: Twitter