Imran Khan & Party Uses NDTV Videos To Further Anti-India Aspirations: Netizens Slams NDTV


Twisting the real statements and news and using it to promote personal agendas is bad journalism. But if its Pakistan then what else can you expect. Ever since the Pulwama terror attack that killed around 40 Indian jawans, and the retaliatory Balakot airstrikes India’s enemy nation is saying almost the same things as the Opposition.

Not surprisingly, the Pakistani official channels even used the same statements as the opposition leaders to take their claims further.   


Pakistani Media Cleverly Picks Up NDTV’s Role As Opposition  

Ever since Modi government came to power in 2014, NDTV seems to have taken the role of an opposition party in the country with most of its news anchors receiving top praises from terrorists like Hafiz Saeed from PakistanNow it seems, that was not enough because NDTV is now allegedly acting as the voice of Pakistan and propagator of the ideas of the enemy country.

Recently the ruling party of Pakistan, PTI endorsed the news channel by sharing a video clip from one of its shows which says that the Kashmiri people are waiting for the curfew in the region to lift to demonstrate what they feel about India. It sort of hints towards riots and violence.

Another video clip from the same channel shows a reporter meeting an old blind who expressed his desire to talk on the current situation in Kashmir. The reporter further says that the old man said, “New Delhi is saying everybody in Kashmir is happy about making Jammu and Kashmir a UT. Let them lift the curfew and they will know how happy we are”.


But somehow this does not seem to be true because even though the journalist has both the camera and mike he does not show the old man speaking for himself.

Is NDTV Fanning Kashmir Fear?

In one of its show, NDTV even says that the tour of NSA Ajit Doval in the valley is a photo op. The reporter in this clip tries to establish that all the Kashmiris are really unhappy about the undoing of Article 370 and bifurcation of the State into two UTs. NDTV gaining support from Pakistan has now become a regular thing. 

Even in March this year, the star anchor of the channel Raveesh Kumar requested media not to report the post-Pulwama conflict between India Pakistan as it will help the ruling party in the elections. The same statements were exploited by Pakistan for establishing its anti-India claims. Similarly, the radical Islamist Zaid Hamid also had used the tweets of ex-NDTV anchor Barkha Dutt to express his poisonous thoughts against India.


With all these actions, it so appears that NDTV is trying to project that “Kashmir is in fear” narratives to such as extent that it somehow leads to violence. However, to be on the safe side NDTV came out with a reply condemning statements by Pakistan and its attempts to maliciously edit excerpts from its channels.