Pakistan PM Imran Khan Mentions Indian Journalist Barkha Dutt In His Speech

After being diminished to a minority in the Pakistan assembly, PM Imran Khan mentions Indian ‘journalist’ Barkha Dutt in his address to the nation.

Imran Khan mentions Barkha Dutt

Imran Khan who is all set to step down as Pakistan Prime Minister mentioned Indian journalist Barkha Dutt in his speech, which is believed by many as his farewell speech ahead of the No-Trust Vote.


Quoting Barkha Dutt’s book, the almost outgoing Pakistani Prime Minister stated that former PM Nawaz Sharif used to secretly meet PM Modi in Nepal to save himself from the Pakistani Army.

“It is cited in Barkha Dutt’s book that he(Nawaz Sharif) used to have secret meetings with Narendra Modi in Nepal to protect himself from his own army,” Khan said.

Apart from this, Khan also claimed that there was a foreign plot working to overturn his government. He further alleged that there were enemies inside the country who were collaborating with “foreign conspirators” to bring his government down.


Barkha’s fan following in Pakistan

It is to be noted that Barkha’s fan following in Pakistan, is not just limited to Imran Khan alone. Earlier, Hafiz Saeed, the head of Lashkar-e-Taiba, had even praised Barkha Dutt in an interview he had given to a Pakistani channel in 2016.

When Imran Khan was questioned about media narratives and allegations dropped against him by India about promoting terrorism in Kashmir, Saeed had said there were journalists like Barkha Dutt, who according to him, made sense.

“India main Barkha Dutt jaisey log bhee maujood hain bohot acchey baat karneywaley bhee maujood hain (In India good journalists like Barkha Dutt are also present and there are many who make sense)” Saeed had said then.