When Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan advised people against joining Bollywood

Recently Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan expressed the downside of Bollywood and said how he advises friends against joining it.

Imran Khan’s advice

Imran Khan, who has been maintaining a low profile, was recently seen at Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare’s engagement. The actor, who is rarely spotted since leaving the film industry in 2018, was seen posing for the paps in a suit.


While interacting with the fans, who demanded he comes back, the 39-year-old did not have all the happy things to say about Bollywood. In 2014, he held an AMA session on Reddit, where he answered fans’ questions, in the most honest way. Here he spoke about how life in the Hindi film industry can all get very chaotic. One of his answers stood out when he ‘warned’ people against joining the movie industry.

Naming industry as ‘notorious’

Naming it an industry ‘notoriously difficult to break into’, he said that it doesn’t even get easier once you are in. Imran Khan stated that anyone who is looking for a break will not be paid anything more than a token amount, which will never be enough to survive in Mumbai. He stresses that one must have a certain degree of financial stability before one can think of working in this industry full-time.

“Unfortunately, nothing says can make this decision any easier for you… I can’t tell you what you should do, or how things may work out. I’m sorry man, it’s going to be tough for you one way or another. The movie business is notoriously difficult to break into, and it really doesn’t get any easier once you’re in. ADs, aspiring writer-directors, and basically anyone who is looking for a break will not be paid anything more than a token amount of money. Certainly not enough to survive in Bombay and support a family. The stark reality is that you do need to have a certain degree of financial stability before you even think about working full time in this line,” he wrote, reported by Indian Express.


Well, this did not end here, he went on to say that ‘people must not join Bollywood’, especially his friends, as he doesn’t want them to face the ‘disappointment that comes with the territory.

The actor wrote, “As someone who’s spent the past eight years working here, my advice to most people is “don’t”. It’s tougher than you can possibly imagine. I’ve seen so many people get chewed up and spit out. It’s disheartening. I wouldn’t advise any friend of mine to give it a go; I wouldn’t want them to face the disappointments that come with the territory.”

Imran’s acting journey

Aamir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan made his debut with the 2008 film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, and was last seen in the 2015 movie Katti Batti. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Delhi Belly, and I Hate Love Storys among others are Imran’s popular films. He also made his directorial debut with the short film ‘Mission Mars: Keeping Walking India’ in 2018.


In an interview with Navbharat Times, Imran’s friend, actor Akshay Oberoi verified that Imran had quit acting. He said, “My best friend in Bollywood is Imran Khan, who is no longer an actor because he has quit acting. Imran is my closest friend, whom I can get up at 4 am and call. I and Imran have been with each other for almost 18 years, we studied acting together at Kishore Acting School in Andheri West.”

“See, Imran Khan has left acting at the moment. As far as I know, there is a better writer and director inside him. I do not know when he will direct his film himself, I am not going to put any pressure, but as a friend, I think he will direct his film soon. Also, when Imran Khan directs, I know he will make a wonderful film because his sensibility and understanding of cinema are very high,” Akshay added.