Indian Muslims Also Voted For Creation Of Pakistan: Pakistan PM Imran Khan

After his Prime Minister’s post hangs on a thread, Imran Khan played the religion card to cover public support around him ahead of the no-confidence vote against his government.

Imran Khan’s Trump Card

Addressing a rally in Islamabad ahead of the no-confidence vote, Imran Khan repeatedly praised non-Islamic countries in western Europe for following the laws of Islam without following the religion by caring for the poor sections of the society.


Alongside that, he also praised China for following Islamic laws even as China continues to crush the Muslim community in Xinjiang.

Further, Imran Khan went on to say that the Muslims in India too voted for the creation of Pakistan.

Indian Muslims 

Khan went on to say that Muslims in India wanted to see what a genuine Riyasat e Madina looks like, that is why they voted for the creation of Pakistan. “Riyasat e Madina” in Pakistan is based on the principles of Prophet Muhammad.


“Indian Muslims also voted for Pakistan when Pakistan was formed because they also wanted Riyasat e Madina,” said Imran Khan.

Imran Khan’s statements connect to the incident that occurred in the 1946’s provincial assembly polls, in which Pakistan demanding Muslim League got 4.5 million votes from around 6 million Muslim votes.

Meanwhile, with a united opposition and Pakistan Army not showing any readiness to help him, Imran Khan has betted on religion to save his government, like every Pakistan politician.