Imran Khan May No Longer Be Pak PM As He Is Being Dumped By His Own Lawmakers

Several lawmakers from the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have withdrawn their support for Prime Minister Imran Khan. The setback to the 69-year-old came ahead of the trust vote he will face in Pakistan National Assembly.

Pak PM Imran Khan in huge trouble

It is reported that as many as 24 of Imran Khan’s lawmakers have threatened to dissolve the ruling PTI government by voting against Khan in the no-trust motion. The motion is anticipated to take place in the Pakistan national assembly towards the end of this month.


Now, Imran Khan’s party PTI has 155 seats in the Lower House of National Assembly but it needs 172 to remain in power. If Imran’s allies and oppositions do not vote in PTI’s favor, Imran Khan is set to lose power.

Reportedly, the disappointed PTI lawmakers are currently staying in the Sindh House, a stately building for the stay of important officials who visit Islamabad from Sindh province. According to the members, they took shelter there as they risk getting kidnapped by the government’s ministers.

Unhappy lawmakers

Speaking to Geo News, Raja Riaz, one of the lawmakers, said that Imran Khan has failed to control inflation while another lawmaker Noor Alam Khan told Samaa News that his multiple grudges were not addressed by the government.


“We are 24 members who are not satisfied with the government policies. We tried to highlight the issues in our constituency many times but nothing was done,” the members said.

Previously Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had warned the Opposition parties that he would be more dangerous if they forced him to step down.

“If I take to the streets, then you [ opposition parties] won’t find any place to hide,” Khan had said.