Imran Khan Govt Installed Hidden Cameras In Jail Washroom: Maryam Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) vice-president Maryam Nawaz Sharif has revealed the treatment of women in Pakistani jails. She has alleged that there were cameras everywhere in the jail cell where she was kept, including hidden cameras that were installed in the washroom.

In an interview, Maryam Nawaz said that she has gone to jail twice. If she goes to reveal the details about the treatment she and other female prisoners face while in custody, the Imran Khan government will not find a place to hide its face. Sharif spoke about the alleged inconveniences she had to face when she was incarcerated after being arrested in the Chaudhary Sugar Mills case last year, reported Geo News.


“I have gone to jail twice and if I speak about how I, a woman, was treated in jail, they will not have the audacity to show their faces,” she said, referring to the government.


“I don’t want to hide behind these incidents. I am struggling today, so I do not want to show that I was affected. I do not want to cry that I was abused. But I definitely want to bring this truth to the world about the status of women in jails,” she said. Mariam targeted the Imran government and said, “If they can break into the bedroom of Maryam Nawaz, get the cameras fitted in her washroom, you might wonder what they would have done to the rest of the women?” she said.

The daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif urged people to vote for PML-N in the upcoming elections. She said that she wants to send a message to the Chief Election Commissioner that it should not come in between PML-N and the people. If there is theft of votes, the public will never forgive. It may be recalled that recently, the police broke the hotel door and entered Maryam’s room to arrested her husband Mohammad Safdar.


Geo News reported that Sharif had said that her party is open to dialogue with the military establishment within the ambit of the Constitution, provided that the incumbent PTI government is removed from power.

She further stated that she was not against state institutions but stressed that there would be no dialogue in secret. She also said the idea of dialogue through the platform of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) can be deliberated upon.

Opposition parties in Pakistan have come together under the banner of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) to overthrow Imran Khan from power. The crowd gathered at the PDM rallies so far has made Imran Khan sweat. The govt is now trying to somehow stop the growing move of PDM. Because if people continue to participate in such opposition rallies, then they may face problems in the coming days.


Source: DNA