Watch How Ramdev Loses His Cool When Asked About Rising Fuel Price

Yoga guru Ramdev threaten a reporter when the latter asked him about his 2014 comment about the petrol price coming down if the government was changed.

Ramdev Baba warns a reporter 

During an event in Haryana’s Karnal, a journalist questioned Ramdev Baba about his statement to the media where he had said that people should vote for a government that can ensure petrol for Rs 40 a liter and cooking gas at Rs 300 a cylinder in 2014.


In his reply, Ramdev said, “Yes, I said it, what can you do? Don’t keep asking such questions. Am I your thekedar (contractor) who has to keep answering your questions?”

When the journalist asked again, angry Ramdev, pointing at the journalist, fired back, “I made the comment. Ab kya kar lega (what will you do)? Just shut up. If you ask again, it is not good. Don’t speak like this, you must be the son of decent parents.”

Baba’s request 

Ramdev pleaded with people to work harder in difficult times. “The government says, if fuel prices are low, they won’t get tax, then how will they run the country, pay salaries, build roads? Yes, inflation should go down, I agree… But people should work hard. Even I wake up at 4 in the morning and work till 10 at night,” Ramdev said as his supporters who sat around him clapped.


This incident comes after a rise in fuel prices over the last 10 days. The prices of petrol and diesel rose by another 80 paise per liter each on Thursday, making an increase of about Rs 6.40 a liter in nine revisions in the last 10 days.

The Patanjali brand ambassador, in a 2014 television interview, had said, “I have a study with me that says the basic price of petrol is only Rs 35, on which 50% tax is levied.” “Agar 50% ke jagah 1% tax ho jayga to it’s only practical. Itna arthshastra to humne bhi pad rakkha hai. [If taxes are reduced from 50% to 1%, (fuel price is bound to come down). I have studied these much economics.”