If you Don’t Get 10/10 on This Quiz about Gandhiji then please go back to your Primary School

Quiz on Mahathma Gandhi

As you know (hope) that we are celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi today, we thought to have a Quiz on Baapu. It is a little effort from us to recall and remember the Father of our Nation on his birthday. So, are you ready to take up this Quiz about Mahathma Gandhi? Yes, let’s get started then.

If Gandhiji is alive today then what would be his age in 2017?

Where is the Memorial of Mahathma Gandhi?

What was Gandhi’s last Word?

Gandhiji’s Wife name?

What is the name of Gandhiji’s Auto biography?

Which period was considered as the Gandhian Era?

Who is the political Guru of Mahathma Gandhi?

Where is Sabarmathi Ashram?

Who called Gandhiji a Mahatma?

Which was the main principle Mahathma Gandhi used in Freedom Movement?

Happy Gandhi Jayanthi.



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