If Yesteryear Kannada Actors Had To Host Contemporary Kannada TV Shows

While a few years ago, the eyesight of a top actor headlining a show on TV was rare, in current days, the occurring has become more commonplace. In fact, Karnataka has been one of the few states that have boosted the idea.

Many winning shows have sprung on Kannada TV channels, and more actors are becoming prone to performing on the small screen. Apart from a few heroes, many have already executed their debut in this medium. In the process, a few shows have attained acclaim within the viewer base.


This article, though, will focus on what might have happened had this phenomenon existed a couple of decades ago. If we consider the contemporary shows to have been then, who would have hosted them? Read on to know more.

Kannadada Kotyadhipati – Rajkumar

It is just tailor-made for the legend. One of the most inspiring figures in the state, TRP’s would have been broken the roof had Dr. Rajkumar hosted a TV show. His in-depth knowledge of Kannada would have also added to the nativeness of the show.

Bigg Boss – Ambareesh

To helm a Bigg Boss show, you must have a good sense of humor, but at the same time, when the times are difficult, you must show the angry side of yours. While Sudeep has been excellent in his job, Ambareesh would have been amazing as well. His comic timing is well-known but we know the angry-young-man side of him better.


Weekend with Ramesh – Vishnuvardhan

You must command the respect of your colleagues if you are to host such a show. Vishnuvardhan had absolutely no haters, and he is more than a perfect choice in this category. Now, just imagine if Annavru or Ambi were to be one of his first guests on the show.

Satyamev Jayate – Shankar Nag

This show has not been made in Kannada, but if there was ever a chance, we feel that Shankar Nag would have been an apt pick. The format of this show has plenty of social relevance, and who better than the man himself to be the face of it.

Super Minute – Srinath

Srinath has already hosted a successful TV show called Adarsha Dampatigalu before, but back when he was young, he could have hosted a show like Super Minute. He has good a strong fanbase amongst families, and his loverboy looks might have been an instant hit on Television.


No.1 Yaari with Shivanna – Ananth Nag

No.1 Yaari with Shivanna is a conceptualized TV show, albeit, hinging more on the fun side of things. Ananth Nag was a pure gentleman in the industry, and the perception of him hosting such a show does seem interesting. Of course, he could still do something of that sort even now.

Maja Talkies – Dwarkish

Comic-timing is a must, and having such an image in the minds of people is also very important. Hence, Dwarkish, we think, could have handled a telecast like Maja Talkies. Punchlines are not an issue for him, and just like Srujan, Dwarkish would have had the right mindset to helm a show like this.

Fear Factor – Tiger Prabhakar

For all of us following Sandalwood, a strong image of Tiger Prabhakar appears whenever daring stunts are involved in Kannada movies. With this image, he would have been a fantastic choice to host Fear Factor had it happened in Kannada.