How to Store Wine: 9 Best Ways You Should Know

store wine

The practice of drinking wine has been continuing for thousands of years. Nowadays this alcoholic beverage drinking is prevalent throughout the world except some countries. Many people drink this lavish booze regularly, and some enjoy it occasionally may be in different kinds of party. Both for personal use and business purpose it is essential to know how to store your wine so that it does not lose its taste, intoxication property and create an unexpected situation. If you want to store the wine correctly, you need to follow the following cautions. Let’s see some of the best ways to store wine on today’s read.

store wine

Best Ways to Store Wine

Keep it away from sunlight

Keeping the wines away from direct sunlight and harsh interior lighting is the safest way for you if you want to store it. We all know that sunlight emits UV rays. If anyone keeps the wine bottle at such place where UV rays easily penetrate into the container, the beams may ruin the liquor though there are some UV ray’s protection system in the bottles. So, you should keep it out of the light. If it is not possible, you can wrap it with a cloth or put it in a box, and for the occasional need, you have to bring it in the soft light like LED or sodium vapor lamps. Otherwise, the alcohol can undergo to its degradation level, and even it can create an unbearable smell.

Keep it cool

When we hear the words “to keep cool” refrigeration comes to our mind, and we can think a household refrigerator would be the place to store the wine. But it’s wrong to place it in the kitchen refrigerator. This refrigerator is too cold to preserve, and dryness of the freeze could also be harmful to the booze. Here the temperature can undergo zero degree Celsius and hence the liquid can start converting into ice that must be destroyed because it could push the cork out and lead to a musty smelling.

On the contrary, the high temperature is also another enemy for the alcohol. Above 24-degree Celsius, temperature wine begins to oxidize, and premature aging occurs instantly. The ideal and standard temperature for storing the alcoholic beverage is between 450 F and 650 F and to keep this standard temperature regularly wine refrigerator can be used. You should keep in mind the one thing that average room temperature is too warm to store the liquid.

store wine

Keep it sideways

Horizontal racking is the best method to store wine bottles because through following the system you can save your wines from being damaged. If you keep the container in such a way that the cork stays contacted with the wine and thus allows the oxygen to seep into the bottle, the wine will start to oxidize and hence the aromas, flavors, color, etc. will get spoilt.

Don’t shake a lot

Another caution should remind that don’t store the wine in such a place where you need to move the bottle. Moving or shaking the bottle would be dangerous. Because chemical reaction can occur due to vibration created by moving and shaking the bottle. Besides this incident, air insertion can happen into the bottles, and thus oxidation reaction can be a threat.

Keep the humidity at the standard level

Around 70% that is 65-75% humidity is the ideal amount of moisture for the hooch to preserve it safely. Both too lower and too higher humidity is harmful in case of preserving it. If the humidity level lowers very much for the lack of moisture, the corks of the stored bottles will get dried which will allow the air to seep into the bottles and hence the oxidizing reaction can damage the wine. On the other hand, when the humidity level crosses over 70%, it can cause labels to loosen. By using humidity increasing and decreasing techniques after checking it with the help of hygrometer you can store the wines quickly and safely.

store wine

Keep the stock for a valid time

Considering an appropriate time for the stored wines is mandatory. You cannot think that it will last for the lifetime. Red wines store for 2-10 years and white wines store for 2-3 years, and you should keep in mind the time limit for the storage. To know more about different kinds of wines, please visit the wine Items.

We have discussed different kinds of factors till now that should be considered before thinking about wine storing. In the following parts, we will discuss wine storage option which makes sure all necessary key points interpreted already.

Store it in a wine cellar

The wine cellar is one of the best suitable places to store the wine bottles because here you can ensure an optimal condition. In this climate-controlled system, you can store wine on a large scale merely tracking and closing the door of the wine cellar. Making a wine cellar may be slight costly for you where a large hole has to dig in the basement. But it is ideal to stay free of tension. Try to make a closet wine cellar that is better from the typical wine cellar. It can cost you $200-$300, but it would be a useful and permanent house for the wine storage if you don’t want to get back into a regular closet.

Store it in a wine cooler

It is one kind of refrigerator specially designed for wine storing which ensures optimal condition for the alcoholic beverage such as it keeps the inner temperature constant all the time as well as humidity. If you can afford the money for buying the cooler, just buy it and protect your investment from being spoilt.

store wine

However, don’t worry If you can’t manage a wine cellar or a wine cooler. You keep in mind that you have to ensure the condition described in the first part point by point. Anyhow if you can maintain the condition, you can think about storing wine in your house or in the other place where not too hot, not too cold, not too dry and not too damp condition exists. Then you can get the surety of getting long-term survival and optimal aging facility.

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