Here Is The Serial Which Will Replace Ramayan On DD National

Courtesy: Indiatimes

DD National has announced the serial that would be replacing the outgoing show ‘Ramayan’, the final episode of which has already been telecast. With the shooting of TV serials stopped due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, DD National had earlier initiated the re-telecast of a few classic serials.

TRP on the rise

Ever Since Doordarshan decided to re-telecast Ramayan and Mahabharat, the TRP of the channel has taken a steep rise. Now, with Ramayan done, it was interesting to find out the next plan of Doordarshan. The national channel has taken an obvious route in search of the serial that would replace Ramayan.


Ramayan was a big it on its re-telecast

‘Luv Kush’ to replace ‘Ramayan’ on DD National

An adaption of the last book, the Uttara Kanda, of the ancient epic Ramayan, Luv Kush was broadcasted in the year 1988. This show was made by Ramanand Sagar, the creator of Ramayan. 

Many of the characters in the serial Ramayan continue to portray their roles in this show too. The serial ‘Luv Kush’ was originally known as ‘Uttara Ramayan’.

CEO of Prasar Bharti provides further details

Shashi Shekar, CEO of Prasar Bharti revealed further details about the plans. He tweeted:


“Sunday morning 9 am slot will be a repeat of the finale of the main storyline of Yuddha Kanda. From Sunday night 9 pm the episodes pertaining to Uttara Khanda that have been produced as Uttar Ramayan will start airing.

Shashi Shekar also said that, like it was with Ramayan, the 9 am slot would be a re-telecast of the episode of Luv Kush of the previous day at 9 pm.