Prasar Bharti Responds After Fans Slam Them For Editing Important Scenes In The Final Episode Of Ramayan

Ramayan was a big it on its re-telecast

Ever since Doordarshan started the re-telecast of the yesteryear hit TV soap Ramayan, the Ramanand Sagar-show has not stopped trending on the social media. However, once the final episode and the epic climax of the show got telecast, the show has started trending again, albeit for the wrong reason.

Fans Unhappy About the Climax

We are very well aware of the climax of this show. Ram killing Raavan is the ultimate payoff of this show. However, after watching the final episode, the fans were left disappointed with the way the makers had edited the final cut.


The Raavan slaughter and other important scenes were left out, which left many followers of the show unsatisfied. So much that, even the hashtag #RestoreRamayan started trending on social media.

Courtesy: Indiatimes

Here are some of the comments by the fans

Some of the comments by the fans read:

” Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan & Shri Krishna are works of art that deserve to be seen without tampering with the artist’s vision through edits like those in the DVDs. “


Yes, these should be shown without cuts!

@DDNational In Ramayan number of seen cutted , where Ram and Laxman kidnapped by Ahiravan in patallok. This seen not shown, Hanuman son makardawaj also not shown.

Lakshman-Urmila reunion and the key scene of Ram making Bharat forgive Kaikeyi, which is so vital to his character. DVDs have also cut it. Time to #RestoreRamayan.


Very disappointed to see that many scenes in Ramayana are not shown by @DDNational . Scene where LORD HANUMANA tearing – open his chest and showing picture of #SIYA_RAM within it.

CEO of Prasar Bharti Responds

Reacting to the angst on social media, CEO of Prasar Bharti, Shashi Shekhar Vempati tweeted that no such scenes were edited. 

He said:


There have been no cuts, they were not part of the original production.