Here is Why Rajesh Khanna Was Once Insecure Of Ramayan-Fame Vijay Arora

Vijay Arora

With almost a fortnight into Doordarshan’s retelecast of the popular show Ramayan, the soap is inevitably trending on social media almost every day. Every new character that is getting introduced in the show is now enjoying the attention, courtesy of the tech-savvy era.

Vijay Arora in the news now

Yesterday, after the episode in which the character of Meghnad attacks Lakshman was shown, the actor who had portrayed the character of Meghnad is getting recognition for his acting skills. The actor in the picture is Vijay Arora.


Vijay Arora kickstarted his career with acting and very soon, he gained fandom thanks to his chocolate-boy looks. Vijay’s first movie is Rockstar, that released in 1972, although it was his stint in the movie Yaadon Ki Baarat that gave him all the accolades.

Though plenty of films followed, Vijay could not make it big in the filmy business. However, the role of Meghnad in Ramayan changed the yesteryear actor’s career trajectory. He agreed to be part of the show and very soon, with his terrific acting skills and popularity of the show, Vijay saw his fandom return.

Vijay Arora

Rajesh Khanna was once insecure of the actor

Now, we know how big a star Rajesh Khanna was. It is surprising to note that, Rajesh was once insecure of Mr. Vijay Arora.


Vijay Arora’s chocolate-boy looks had earned him fame and much adore amongst the women. He was often compared to Rajesh Khanna, who himself had set the standards of popularity in that era. Rajesh had even suggested once that Vijay could easily step into his shoes. With Vijay’s popularity taking a steep rise, it is said that Rajesh Khanna was once insecure about Vijay Arora’s rising reputation and female fandom.

Vijay Arora passed away in 2007, losing the battle to cancer.