Congress Volunteers Compare Sonia Gandhi To Sita; Twitterati Expresses Disappointment With The Comparison

A Twitter Handle, which calls itself the biggest online initiative of the volunteers of the Indian National Congress Party, in a Tweet on Sunday, compared Interim Congress President Sonia Gandhi to Sita from the Hindu epic Ramayan.

The comparisons between Sonia and Sita

Called as ‘With Congress’, the Twitter handle’s tweet has not gone down well with certain sections of the netizens. In one of their tweets, they compared Sonia Gandhi to Sita, saying that while one was from Italy, the other was from Nepal. They pointed out that both were not from India. Going further, they said that while Sita was subject to humiliation in the Treta Yuga, similarly, Sonia Gandhi is facing humiliation in Kalyug.


Netizens are not pleased with the act

As expected, a few netizens were not pleased with the Tweet. They expressed their disappointment on the platform.Several responses were made to the post, which displayed the frustration of a few.

While one of the Twitter users wrote that it was disgusting to compare Sita with any other woman, let alone Sonia Gandhi, another user commented that those who had denied the existence of Bhagwan Shri Ram were writing all of this (the tweet). Another also wrote that according to ‘With Congress’ logic, Sonia Gandhi would be worshiped in a few hundred years.

Sonia Gandhi has been subject to media attention ever since Arnab Goswami questioned the Congress President’s silence over the Palghar Mob Lynchings. The issue escalated further when Arnab was apparently attacked by two Congress goons.


Source: Free Press Journal