Does Jelqing Work For The Most Cases?


Take any exercise and any exercise form, it would be evident that there is no guaranteed result to anyone going through with it. One of the most notable aspects of physical activity is the rather subjective nature of its results in those that take to it. This would hold well in the case of those practicing the jelqing exercises too. In the final count, the jelqing activity is just another physical exercise or stimulation and the overall effect would remain the same as any other kinds of exercises.

On the whole when people stop to think, “Does jelqing work?” would be advised to understand the very nature of the exercise than to make an assessment after the first perusal of the practice. Most cases where the jelqing activity has achieved little progress in adding size to the male phallus is when there was not the emphasis on going through the exercises on a regular basis. Thus people who are serious about finding a good result with jelqing must be prepared to stick to the routine for some considerable time and not expect results in a jiffy.

Why the Jelqing exercises need time?

It is important to understand that the penis is nothing but a muscle group and like any muscle part, would respond to exercise or stimulation. Most people that tend to build or develop the muscles of the various parts would have realized that not all the muscle groups produce the same growth rates. There are the muscle groups like the upper arms and the upper legs that put on extra mass quickly. Whereas the smaller muscle groups like the calf and the forearms are slower in gaining size.


People that commonly perform bodybuilding exercises, try to put extra effort to work out the muscle groups that are sort of laggards in responding to stimuli. On the whole, it can be seen that it is the smaller and the thicker built of muscles that need that much more of an effort in their workouts. This very concept has been seen to work in the case of the building up of the size of the male phallus most of the time.

Even with the most intense set of exercise routines, there is a role for a time. Thus while every effort must be taken to work out a particular body part, it is important to understand the very nature of the body so that the best results are achieved. A lot of people tend to get disheartened when some sorts of results are not forthcoming for the efforts put in. One of the most crucial parts of the jelqing exercise is the need to persevere for a long time.

The correct Procedure to use in the Jelqing activity

Take into consideration any kind of physical exercise and it would be evident that there is a proper and accepted method of performing it. This would be true of the jelqing exercises where the strict form is the key to bringing out the fast result. It must be said that there are a number of variations to the exercises but the core movements remain the same right through. The variations are more to do with the individual preferences and habits, more than anything else.

The grip: A lot of people consider the grip to be of two types, the overhand grip, and the underhand grip. It must be stressed here that the actual grip must be something that each person prefers and what would be more important would be to have a good tight grasp of the phallus. The use of lubricants, if done, must be such as not to cause any sort of slippages or loosening of the hold. A proper research would have people extolling some more types of the grips. These are often combinations to different degrees of the two basic grips as detailed above and nothing else. Some folks do use some very colorful terms for describing these variations but they are just of academic interest and no more.

The wank: This term is a very descriptive narration of the pumping action done on the male phallus during the jelqing exercise. There are those folks that insist on giving a strong thrust to the downward movement. While some others insist on using more force on the upstroke or the pulling part. The argument is that the stronger upstroke increases the length while the strong downstroke increases the thickness of the member. It must be said that there really is not sufficient data around to strengthen the argument in each of the mentioned cases and it is more of a personal preference as to which part of the wank needs to be stronger.

The swing: A lot of people have insisted that it does help to use a sideways back and forth movement during the thrusts of the penis. It is said to strengthen the side walls and indeed the connective tissue around the base of the phallus. These are more of personal preferences and the fact that there is benefit cannot be ruled out completely. If any sort of variations to the practice of jelqing is effective, then there would be little harm in using it to good benefit to the practitioner.


The very subjective nature of the Jelqing routines

Every form of exercise is subjective to a large extent and this holds well in the case of jelqing exercises too. The very nature of the activity makes it less likely to have data on the results and this itself could be the single most important stumbling block in finding if indeed does jelqing work. People that have done the jelqing routines have reported changes in the shape and even the level of their performance later on. But more than anything else, it is the need for self-belief that has brought the required result most of the time. Considering the very nature of the activity, this is easier said than done most of the time.



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