My Cabin Is Not Your Smoke Factory! Here’s an Advice shared by HR Manager about an Interview Etiquette


Hello Readers! Here’s a small piece of advice shared by an experienced HR Manager of a reputed company about an Interview etiquette.

Naveen Manjunath writes,

Job Interviews are turning points in anyone’s life and career. Do not enter a cabin for an interview immediately after you smoke. Hope you may think it is a non-issue and everyone around you might get comfortable with the smell you bring in, but I am very sorry to say that you are wrong.

This post is in response to a question from a fresher who attended job interviews with us recently. He asked, I have a strong feeling that I got rejected only because I am a smoker. Since the HR asked me whether I smoke.

I asked, Did you smoke before you entered the interview cabin? He said, Yes, I had to smoke to calm myself down. I was a nervous wreck and I would have not performed well in the interviews if I had not smoke.

I am not going to give a moral science or health care lecture on the adverse effects of smoking. Or whether it is justified to smoke to calm down. Or will it help you in any other possible ways. Or whether you should use a deodorant or not. That is not my place and that is definitely your personal choice.


But if you are asking me a professional advice, I would say refrain from smoking just before you go into an interview. You are being watched from the time you get into the lift. Lift will also stink and you might make the cabin smell like a cigarette factory and so many people in the interview panel may not tolerate that. It might just obstruct the whole interview process, leading to immediate dislike and at times may leads to rejection as well.

Note: Interviwers shall be cautious before taking Interviews, BIG NO TO SMOKE.

Naveen Manjunath

HR Manager, Bro4u Online Services,

Wipro Techonlogies.

What is your take on this unusual question? Some practical advice would help.



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Naveen is fun loving person and seeks happiness in little things in life. He believes in making work a happy and enjoyable experience for himself and everyone around him.


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