Cut Copy Paste: The First-Ever Kannada Web-Series On Bengaluru IT Life, To Release Soon

Although web-series are the latest fad in the movie industry, Sandalwood has prevailed somewhat absent from the trend. Apart from a few here and there, Kannada filmmakers are yet to get snagged into the ‘web’ of web-series’.

Well, that argument is for another day as a brand new team is now endeavouring to modify the inclination. The unit is coming with an offering called ‘Cut Copy Paste’, a six-episode web-series based on a unique subject.


Cut Copy Paste

Titled ‘Cut Copy Paste’, this web-series has pledged itself completely to corporate life and its intricacies. Directed by a corporate employee Ullas Kumble, almost every actor and technician involved in the making of this movie has gone through the corporate road.

Most of the actors featuring in this web-series come from a theater background. While the director Ullas has also done his duty in front of the camera, this six-episode web-series features Praveen Balagoudar, Rakesh Kumar M, Rajath Kashyap, Shashi Raj, Yeshaswini Channaiah, Debanjana, Priyanka K Mohan, Anup Raja , and Vivek Govindan, among others.

While Ullas has directed the series, Rakshith AR is the editor, and Ganesh Udhyashankar is the man behind the camera. Karthik Jayaprakash and Karthik Gowda have handled the Sound Design and Audio Recording respectively.


The web-series has been shot mostly indoors, and on weekends in real corporate offices over the course of two months. While the entire shooting was done before the lockdown, ‘Cut Copy Paste’ will make its way to the Metrosaga Youtube Channel on 17th October.

Metrosaga is a leading online news and entertainment platform based out of Bengaluru. The portal enjoys a wide viewer base in the corporate and IT sections of the society. With the web-series also falling in the same genre, it fit right that ‘Cut Copy Paste’ make itself available on Metrosaga.

‘This Web-Series Explores Corporate Life Like Never-Before’

Known as the IT capital of the country, Bengaluru is home to plenty of corporate offices. Despite this, the director of ‘Cut Copy Paste’ Ullas Kumble mentions that be it in Kannada, or rather, any other film industry, Corporate life hasn’t been explored profoundly. While that is one distinction, this web-series also happens to be the first professional web-series based on corporate life in Bengaluru. 


Talking more about his offering, Ullas said, “Corporate life is one of the least explored themes in films or web-series. While there have been few videos here and there, none have taken this genre very seriously. I and my team, being from a corporate background, felt that there are a lot of things that could be told on the screen. Of course, we had to make sure our ideas find the maximum reach, and we decided that adding humor along the way would serve our purpose.

Letting us know more about what ‘Cut Copy Paste’, Ullas mentioned, “We have tried to tell our story from the perspective of a newbie in a particular company. There are also other corporate terms like ‘appraisals’ and ‘CTC’ that take notice in our series.

Trailer Of The Web-Series Is Out On Youtube

‘Cut Copy Paste’ will stream on the Metrosaga Youtube Channel from October 17th. The makers have already released the trailer of this exciting web-series. The short 139-second video offers you a glimpse of what you can expect from this series. Click the below link to watch the trailer of ‘Cut Copy Paste’: